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Ingerson redesigns Dalton drag strip

February 10, 2010
DALTON — Chick Ingerson withdrew his application to the Department of Environmental Services Wetlands Bureau to put in a drag strip recently, but has plans to resubmit. He explained his plans to a tour group that included Executive Councilor Ray Burton on Monday evening, telling them that his revamped plan could leave him closer to achieving his goal.

The only thing that was keeping Mr. Ingerson from building a drag strip within the town of Dalton was the impact he would have on 6,650 square feet of wetlands. He had a pending application with the Department of Environmental Services, to dredge and fill that space for construction, but Mr. Ingerson wasn't convinced that he would be awarded the permit and on Jan. 8 requested to withdraw the, application so that a new plan can be drawn up. This time, he plans to have no impact to the surrounding wetlands.

Mr. Burton spent Monday afternoon being shown the location of the initial 1,600 ft long and 50 ft wide proposed drag strip and then the new location where Mr. Ingerson plans to actually construct the race surface and spectator stands.

"Instead of fighting whoever's against me I said well we'll just move the drag strip," said Mr. Ingerson, "So I had to reengineer a new one." Since Mr. Ingerson would be restarting from scratch he would have to apply for a new alteration of terrain permit and mentioned to Mr. Burton that he has plans to do so, but has not done so yet. If Mr. Ingerson was able to acquire a new AOT permit for a plan that had no wetland impact then there would be nothing stopping the drag strip from becoming a reality.

To this information Mr. Burton soon realized that this was one North Country project that really didn't require his help. "I don't think there is anything I can do for or against this," said Mr. Burton, "My gosh, you've done everything you've been required to do and you've complied with NH law." His advice to Mr. Ingerson was more or less to hang in there, but did mention a good way to deal with opposition to the project would be to conduct an economic impact study to point out the positive ripple effect such a facility would have with local businesses by attracting drag strip customers.

If and when the drag strip is brought to fruition Mr. Ingerson projected the potential to have over 1,000 people come to and event that would provide 20-30 temporary jobs at a time. Mr. Burton asked what else the venue could be utilized for to which Mr. Ingerson mentioned races between go-carts, tractors or even soap box derbies.

"People laugh, but that's how small I want it," said Mr. Ingerson, who's been trying to build this drag strip for three years now.

Martin Lord Osman
Brewster Academy
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