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Democrat John Roberge, Republican John Tholl will face off on March 9

February 10, 2010
COOS DISTRICT 2 — "John" is the first name of both winners in the Feb. 2 special election primary for state representative in Cos District 2.

Former state Rep. John Tholl of Whitefield won the Republican primary, topping Eric Catman of Stark by an almost two-to-one margin.

He and the Democratic primary winner, John Roberge of Northumberland, will vie to fill the seat vacated by former state Rep. Scott Merrick of Lancaster in the March 9 special election.

Mr. Roberge topped Eugene Montgomery in the Democratic primary, garnering 284 votes to his opponent's 147. Mr. Roberge carried his hometown of Groveton by nearly 50 votes, 76 to 27, and beat out his opponent by 14 votes, 15 to 1, in Stratford. Mr. Montgomery carried Jefferson (7 to 4); Lancaster (33 to 13); and Whitefield (21 to 9). Mr. Roberge tallied 163 votes to Mr. Montgomery's 116, with a total of 279 people turning out to vote in the Democratic primary.

A total of 430 people voted in the Republican primary: 284 for former Rep. Tholl, who also serves as Dalton Police Chief, and 147 for entrepreneur Catman. Mr. Catman carried Jefferson (23 to 10), Northumberland (31 to 29), Randolph (7 to 5), and Stark (23 to 12).

Mr. Tholl, came up with lopsided tallies in Carroll, Dalton, Lancaster, and Whitefield, however.

Cos District 2 is made up of nine towns: Carroll, Dalton, Jefferson, Lancaster, Northumberland, Randolph, Stark, Stratford, and Whitefield, as well as the uninhabited Unincorporated Place of Kilkenny.

Three representatives, all from Lancaster — two Republicans, Rep. Herb Richardson and Rep. Bill Remick, and one Democrat, Rep. Evalyn Merrick — now represent these towns.

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