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Candidates file for town office

February 04, 2010
REGION — Election season is upon us, yet again. Last Friday was the deadline to file for public elected office in area towns, and here's who signed up:


Only one of the towns 13 elected boards has a contested race this year as Select board incumbent and chair Kathleen Maloney will run against retired Police Chief Richard Morgan for a three-year seat on the select board.

In other vacancies, Moderator Katy Meserve will run unopposed for a two-year term; Town Clerk/Tax Collector Kellie Skehan will run unopposed for a three year term; Trustee of the Trust Funds Pamela Sullivan will run unopposed for a three year term; Cemetery Trustee Stephen Capone will run unopposed for a three-year term; Library Trustee Susan Day will run unopposed for a three-year term; Rachel Ward will run for Library Trustee to replace Nancy Curtiss, who resigned from the post which has a one year term. Budget committee incumbents Alice J. ter Kuile is running for reelection to a three-year term and C.J. "Ski" Kwiatkowski is running for the second open seat on the planning board. Supervisor of the Checklist Janie Tully is running for reelection to a six-year term, unopposed. Planning Board incumbents Robert Gillette and Karen Foster will not run for reelection, but Roger M. ter Juile and Condict Billings are running for the two open three- year slots. With Planning Board Chair Bruce Parson's recent resignation leaves one more open seat, a one-year term sought unopposed by Kwiatowski. Water Commissioner June Loud is running for reelection, unopposed, to a three-year term, and last but not least, no one signed up to run for the one open seat on the Zoning Board of Adjustments. Write-in candidates will be considered.

The town will host a candidates' night on Monday, March 1, at 6:30 p.m. at the Ossipee Town Hall.


There are three contested races in Freedom. In the race for selectmen, incumbent James Brown will run against Scott Cunningham for a three-year position. In the race for Road Agent, incumbent Scott N. Brooks Jr. will run against Josh N. Battles for a three-year position. In the race for school board, Anthony Cloutier will run against Heather Cunio for a three year position. Incumbent James Farinella did not run.

Uncontested positions are filled by the following people: town treasurer, a three year position, Pamela Clemons-Keith; town moderator, a three year position, Donald Johnson; town clerk, a three year position, A. Elizabeth Priebe; supervisor of the checklist, a six year position, Daniel S. Brooks; trustee of the trust funds, a three year position, Donna Cupka and a one year position remains vacant; cemetery trustee, a three year position, Donna Cupka and a two year position remains vacant; planning board, two three-year positions, Pamela Clemons-Keith and Anne B. Cunningham; library trustee, a three year position, Mary Ann Hogan; school district moderator, a one year position, Donald Johnson.

The following school district positions are vacant: treasurer, auditor, and clerk.


There are two contested races in Effingham. In the race for supervisor of the checklist, incumbent Sheila Jones will run against David M. Manley Jr. for one six year position. In the race for school board, incumbent Diane Drelick will run against William Piekut for a three-year position.

Uncontested positions are filled by the following people: selectman, a three year position, William Piekut; town moderator, a two year position, Susan Slack; trustee of the trust funds, a three year position, David Manley Jr.; library trustees, two three-year positions, Henry Spencer and Cheryle A. Feirick; budget committee, two three-year positions, Paul Bartoswicz and Randy Burbank; planning board two three-year positions Joanna Bull and vacant; zoning board of adjustment two three-year positions, James Pittman, and Francis P. Marchand Jr., cemetery trustees, two positions, one year Neil Eric Potter and two year term Avril K. Davis.


There are five contested races in Tamworth. In the race for selectman, Bob Abraham is running against Patricia Farley for a three year seat. Incumbent Tom Abugelis decided not to run again. In the race for planning board, these four candidates running for two three-year seats: Fred (Skip) Nason, Rebecca Boyden, David Gaudet, and David Goodson. Incumbents Scott Aspinall and Thomas Cleveland are not running. In the race a two year planning board position, Sandra K. Flanagan is running against Steve Gray. In the race for fire ward at large, incumbent Dana Littlefield is running against Shawn Bross for a two-year position. In the race for school board, these three candidates are running for two three-year positions: Charles Pugh, Norma Johnson, and Marie M.D. Labrie. Incumbents Dana Littlefield and Laura Pike aren't running.

Uncontested races are being filled by these people: moderator, a two year position, Chris Canfield; treasurer, a one year position Mary C. Mills; supervisor of the checklist, a six year position, Sharon Nothnagle; trustee of the trust fund, a three year position, vacant; library trustees, three, three-year positions, A. Lloyd Hadden, Andrea Kennett, and Sharon Malenfant; fire ward south, a three-year position, Milton Norcross; fire ward north, a three year position, David Bowles; fire ward east, a two year position, John Hartley; Fire ward, a one year, position, Harry Remick; school district clerk, a one-year position, Kathi Brown; school district treasurer, a one-year term, Janet S. Conner; school district moderator, a one-year position, vacant.


In Wakefield there are several contested races, including seats for select board and planning board member. Candidates for one, three-year Selectman seat include Peter Kasprzyk and Jerry O'Connor; Johnny Blackwood is not seeking reelection to this board;

The many hats in the planning board race for two open three-year terms include Johnny Blackwood, Rod Cools, Tom Dube, David Mankus and Paul Winckler. The budget committee race for three, three-year seats includes: Rodney Cools, Marl A. Cotton, Charlie Edwards, Fred Elliott, Craig Farley, and Howie Knight. Other candidates include Chris Fothergill for town treasurer; Teresa Williams for town clerk; Bradley Hayes for town moderator; Relf Fogg and Dennis Miller for Trustee of the Trust Funds; John Blackwood and David Mankus for one open three-year seat as cemetery trustee; Arlene Fogg as assessor; and Sandy Cools for one six-year seat as supervisor of the checklist.

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