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Tuftonboro selectmen review crime statistics and warrant articles

February 04, 2010
TUFTONBORO — Police Chief Andrew Shagoury brought in his January statistics to the Tuftonboro Board of Selectmen meeting on Feb. 1. They showed five accidents, five arrests, 20 incidents, 12 summons, 69 motor vehicle stops, and four felonies. There were 271 calls for service. Officers prepared for court and attended sessions on eight days.

Shagoury and the board reviewed the Hawkers, Pedlars and Itinerant Vendors ordinance. All agreed that Shagoury will need to seek a clearer definition of a pushcart from Town Attorney Rick Sager before a final draft can be drawn up. They discussed matters of fair allocation of space, traffic considerations and permissible areas.

The chief said that he drew up the ordinance in response to calls from residents last year reporting that someone was selling door to door and asked questions which they considered to be too probing. Upon investigation, Shagoury discovered that the salesman had an extensive criminal record, and suggested that it would be a good idea to require door to door salesmen to register with the town.

Two warrant articles one pertaining to the Tuftonboro Free Library and the other to Parks and Recreation were discussed by selectmen. In March, voters will be considering transferring the nonlapsing $85,300 voted for the library in 2006 into a capital reserve fund where it can earn interest. Voters will also consider establishing a revolving account under the authority of Parks and Recreation.

Mary Ann Murray, a library trustee and a member of the Parks and Recreation Committee, inquired on behalf of both. Murray suggested that having a revolving account, separate from the operating budget, in which to keep track of registration and lesson fees and prizes and awards would make for clearer accounting. Selectman Carolyn Sundquist said that Murray would need to make her case at town meeting. The board voted to include it in the warrant, without recommendation.

Sundquist reported that Shirley Bentley of Caregivers had called to answer the question of whether the Carroll County Transit System (CCTS) would be beneficial to her clients. She said that Caregivers primarily brings elderly people to medical appointments and the physical limitations of their clients are likely to preclude using the transit system. Bentley added she is also a member of the CCTS and has hopes for its success.

Sundquist said that she also heard from the Land Bank of Wolfeboro Tuftonboro, which has expressed an interest in developing a conservation easement for Great Meadows with the Tuftonboro Conservation Commission. Selectman Bill Stockman, the board's representative to the commission, said that representatives from the Land Bank are welcome to come to the next meeting, which is scheduled for Feb. 15 at 7:30 p.m. at the town offices.

Chairman Dan Duffy brought information to the board on an effort by the Department of Environmental Services (DES) and the New Hampshire Lakes Association to coordinate the purchase of two milfoil harvesters (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesters) to be shared by at least four towns, including Tuftonboro. They would like to address problems with milfoil growth in the Lakes Region systematically. Each of the four towns has been asked to contribute $5,000 toward the $20,000 total, to be reimbursed by a grant. Duffy said that he understood that the grant money will not be available next year.

Stockman noted that Tuftonboro may not have a need to use the harvesting equipment for a couple years, but supported the idea.

The eradication program includes training volunteer divers. Duffy said that the Lakes Region Planning Commission would be the coordinator of the program. The selectmen approved the $5,000 contribution.

Sundquist said that she received word that the Senate Finance Committee has extended the "collar" that keeps state property taxes in support of the school system local.

Public Input

Erin Donnelly brought it to the board's attention that boat registrations should be done through the town office; they will not be available at marinas until the end of March.

The next selectmen's meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 8, at 9 a.m., at the town offices.

The budget committee is meeting on Tues., Feb. 9, at 6 p.m. followed by a public hearing on the 2010 budget at 7 p.m. at the Town House. The storm date is Wednesday, Feb. 10, same time.

Martin Lord Osman
Brewster Academy
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