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Wolfeboro's Jim Carey to participate in Haiti rescue efforts

JIM CAREY with kids during his work on a clean water project in Guatamala last spring. (Courtesy photo) (click for larger version)
January 21, 2010
WOLFEBORO — The earthquake in Haiti, the worst in more than 100 years, sent shockwaves for miles, and the prediction that the death toll could reach well over 100,000 people is moving many people to action. In Wolfeboro, Jim Carey, manager of the FLIK food service at Brewster Academy, is ready to pack his bags to return to Blanchard, just outside of Port au Prince, as soon as he gets the word from Partners in Development (PID), a nonprofit that has worked to improve living conditions in Haiti for years.

When the political situation in Haiti became dangerous to outsiders, Carey, who helped build a medical clinic and buildings under the auspices of PID, volunteered to work in nearby Guatemala, improving the water quality for villagers with the installation of water filtration systems and building concrete homes. The Wolfeboro Rotary Club's focus in 2009 on clean water projects supported that work.

Carey says he has word that the PID buildings in Blanchard are still standing, though he doesn't know exactly what that means. He doesn't know what has happened to the surrounding buildings or whether the buildings are in use. "The communication is sporadic and poor," he says, but he knows that the first order of business for the next five to six months is setting up medical teams.

He says that a PID director is meeting with officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and connecting with a Guatemalan PID connection, who is Haitian, to arrange for a military transport to Port au Prince to survey the scene.

"Once it is deemed safe," says Carey, he plans to leave his job here for a two month block of time to secure food and housing for the medical teams. The academy has some time off in February and a long March break, which lessens the amount of time he will be away from his job as food service manager and as a dorm parent, but he will still have to cover about a month of work.

He says both the academy and FLIK have been helping to make his mission trip possible. He hopes to get the go ahead to leave by late January.

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