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Groveton High is bronze medal school

January 20, 2010
LANCASTER — Groveton High school recently was recognized as one of the best schools in New Hampshire with a bronze medal standing for student performance.

"I know part of it is we are able to do a lot without many resources," said Groveton High School Principal Pierre Couture.

It is the second year in a row that Groveton has been given this award. The criteria for the award includes a high performance from students on state testing and for students to also perform well or better then expected in relation to their area's poverty level. According to statistics provided by U.S. News and Word Report, Groveton performed 29 percent better than expected.

"I also attribute it to the fact that we have excellent teachers that care deeply about their kids," said Mr. Couture who noted that in a student survey asking if they felt their teachers really cared about them 72 percent of the student body said yes.

According to Mr. Couture his school is able to provide opportunities for his students despite lack of staff to teach electives through virtual high school and online classes.

"I have to applaud Northumberland as prioritizing education in light of the dim economic situation," said Interim Superintendent Ron Paquette. Mr. Paquette also commented on how he felt that the school was able to provide the best staffing and curriculum to meet student needs at the most reasonable cost, the ability for the area to "adapt and hunker down."

Groveton was among five other schools in the State that received bronze standings, including Colebrook Academy and Portsmouth High School. There were only three silver medals awarded including Hanover High School and Hollis Brookline High School, but no gold medals were awarded for the state.

Gold and Silver medals were awarded on the basis that those schools prepared students for college through Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate participation

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