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Pursuing a dream: MA grad publishes second book in fantasy trilogy

Meg Christian with her two books “Battling the Unknown” and the recently published “Where Fire Meets Gold” from her fantasy series “The Last Rawl Trilogy.” Erin Plummer. (click for larger version)
January 06, 2010
LAKES REGION — While dealing with the usual pressures of homework, projects, and classes, Meg Christian fits in a little writing – writing that has produced two published novels distributed across the region.

The second book in Meg Christian's fantasy trilogy was published in early December and shows the journey the Moultonboro Academy alum has taken as a writer.

"Where Fire Meets Gold" is the second book in Christian's "The Last Rawl Trilogy," which tells the story of a girl named Katrina who is being pursued by the leader of her country and has to escape to find answers to vital questions. In "When Fire Meets Gold," Katrina finds some of her answers and meets some new characters.

The Wolfeboro-based Christian was 14 and a student at Moultonboro Academy when she started her first novel "Battling the Unknown"

"I've always loved writing stories," she said. "I had never tried a fantasy. One of my friends kind of challenged me to try to write one. That's what this one became."

She finished the book when she was around 16 and took another year to edit and revise.

Christian said she talked with another author from Wolfeboro who had had her book published.

"She said 'If you want to do it, try going this route with this publisher,'" she said.

Christian did research on Infinity Publishing, an independent book publishing company based in Pennsylvania. She sent the book to them and worked with them on getting it published.

The first book was published in May of 2008, and she said it was successful in its own way.

"Considering it was a little story I just had in my computer, I would say yes," she said.

She started "Where Fire Meets Gold" after finishing the first book and it was completed in nearly a year.

"This one came pretty quickly," Christian said. "I think I had this book a lot more mapped out. It's a trilogy, so the second one needed to bridge the first one and the last one. I knew where I needed to take it."

"Where Fire Meets Gold" was published in early December.

She is already beginning work on the last book of the trilogy and said the story is essentially mapped out.

All book profits go to the Nashua-based Southern New Hampshire Rescue Mission, which provides meals and services to those in need.

"We're very, very impressed with what they're doing for the people in Nashua," Christian said.

"I would be very uncomfortable if she was just doing it for her own gain, but I think this is a really good cause," said her mother Sue Christian.

At Moultonboro Academy, Christian was president of the National Honor Society and took part in the musical. Now she goes to Roberts Wesleyan College in Upstate New York, where she does dance ministry and works with a soup kitchen group.

College has left her with less time to write than in high school.

"Instead of sitting down for a chunk of time and writing a lot, I write in little bits when I have a few minutes," Christian said.

In addition to writing, Christian said she also likes to play guitar and piano and write her own songs.

Christian said she is evolving as a writer.

"I think I'm starting to learn how to better develop the characters so they're a little bit deeper than they were in the first book," she said. "I can go back into the first book and see things I would have worded a little different."

She said she shares some story details with her parents, though not everything and her parents do not give input on the story during the writing process.

"I like them to be surprised with what's going to happen," she said. Her parents do read the books once they are completed. "They're always my first readers."

"I feel honored," Sue Christian said.

Some of her friends at school also know about her writing and have gotten copies of the books.

"They were pretty excited for me," she said. "I've gotten some positive feedback from it. I think we're waiting for winter break for time to read a fun book."

Christian is currently working on general education requirements at school. She has not yet chosen a major and said she has no concrete ideas for what she wants to do for a career.

"I would just love to be a novelist someday," she said. "I think that I really could go in any direction and I'm just not sure right now."

Whatever she does, her parents strongly support her work.

"I just really believe kids should go for their dreams and I really love that Meg's pursuing them," Sue Christian said. "She knew from day one what she was doing with this."

"Battling the Unknown" and "Where Fire Meets Gold" are available online at BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com. They are also sold at Innisfree Bookshop in Meredith, Bayswater Books in Center Harbor, and Country Bookseller and Details in Wolfeboro.

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