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Water Department, Committee thanked for favorable water system numbers

January 06, 2010
MEREDITH — Significantly lower numbers in water used and water plant operation hours led to praise for the Water Department and Water System Committee.

On Monday Town Manager Phillip Warren presented a report from the Water Department to the Selectmen on the amount of water used in 2009.

According to figures, 97,393,000 gallons of finished water were used. Factoring adjustments, such as water used for blow-offs and other purposes, the total water used by the town was 94,843,000 gallons.

The totals in 2008 were around 123 million gallons of finished water, factoring to around 121 million gallons of water after adjustments.

The totals for 2009 were nearly 26 million gallons less finished water used and almost 28 million fewer gallons used after adjustments.

The water plant on Waukewan Street also used to run 24 hours a day. By December of 2009, the plant had run 193.9 hours, whereas it had run 239.6 hours as of December 2008, a savings of around 45 hours.

Year to date, the town has had a savings of 1,944 plant hours.

The reductions in water usage and plant operating hours mean large cost savings in power, chemical use, and other factors.

"In dollars and cents, this is a big, big number," said Selectman Bob Flanders.

Warren gave credit to the Water Department and the Water System Committee for efforts that lead to the significant savings.

"Both of these groups have done tremendous jobs together putting the system where it needs to be," Warren said.

Board Chair Peter Brothers recommended that the Selectmen send a letter to the members of the Water Department and the Water System Committee thanking them for their efforts that lead to such high savings.

"We owe a debt of gratitude to the efforts of the employees and committee members," Brothers said.

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