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Voters decide on new projects, changing roles in Moultonboro

December 30, 2009
MOULTONBORO — Voters spoke out on several key issues as the town saw a new police chief and road agent with the same face.

After its third year on the ballot, Moultonboro voters rejected going from the traditional ton meeting to SB2.

In Moultonboro, the percentage of people voting in favor dropped more dramatically, with 704 people voting in favor of SB2 for the town (about 41.9 percent), and 975 voting against it. Last year, the percentage of people voting in favor of SB2 rose to 56 percent, four percent shy. This year's town meeting saw the approval of one plan to expand some facilities and the defeat of another.

A favorable vote was given to an article calling for $337,500 for field improvements, drainage design, and associated design costs for the construction of a playing field on the former Lions Club land. The vote cam a year after a proposed community center on the Lion's Club property was defeated by own voters. The total sum of the article will come from three places, and originally in these amounts — $87,500 from the Community Center Trust Fund established last year, $137,500 from general taxation, and $107,500 from the Municipal Buildings reserve fund.

Moultonboro residents voted in favor of creating a new playing field and beginning repairs on an old one, after an amendment shifted the majority of the tax appropriation to a reserve fund.

A proposed firing range for the Police Department was defeated by voters at town meeting. The proposed range at the Transfer Station property was initially scheduled for a vote by the Board of Selectmen, Resident Al Hume put forward a petition for the range to be decided by voters at town meeting amid concerns of the range's impact. The range was defeated by voters.

The town's long-time Police Chief traded his cruiser for a plow truck as he retired from the force and took the position of Road Agent. In February, Scott Kinmond announced his intention to retire and run for the position of Road Agent. He was voted into the office in March and announced his retirement from the Police Department.

A committee was formed consisting of town officials and law enforcement experts from around the state to choose a new Police Chief. The result was the swearing in of Thomas Dawson.

Residents expressed concern about the process to hire the new Chief. On Aug. 27, resident Paul Punturieri filed suit against the town alleging that the hiring process had not followed the Right to Know Law.

On Oct. 19, Carroll County Superior Court Presiding Justice Steven Houran ruled in favor of the town, saying the process had followed Right to Know.

The Fox Hollow Intersection project was approved at town meeting and received federal stimulus money, with 100 percent of the project expected to be funded by ARRA money. A major issue arose with the Department of Transportation wanting the project to be designed to the 85-percentile speed of 55 miles per hour, a design that would drop the Route 25 by more than six feet and town officials said would have a major impact on property. After discussions with the DOT, the state agreed to allow no speed changes for this project, though future projects on Route 25 would be required to comply.

A Dufault Road man was charged with second-degree attempted murder after he allegedly beat and stabbed his wife with a butcher knife. Michael A. Salsman, 34, of 26 Dufault Road, was taken into custody by the Moultonboro Police Department and charged with one count of second-degree attempted murder and four counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Shortly after the incident a vehicle was uncovered on the property after having been buried. Housemate Andrew Alimonti, 52, had been on the scene of the alleged assault and was previously investigated for having stolen equipment. In April, Alimonti died in an early-morning car accident on Squam Lake (Bean) Road in Sandwich.

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