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Alcohol-related incidents top November arrests

December 25, 2009
WOLFEBORO — November statistics show that the Wolfeboro Police Department continues to encounter a number of alcohol-related incidents. Chief Stuart Chase's report at the police commission meeting on Dec. 17, as in other months, revealed a predominance of underage drinking and driving under the influence (DUI) charges, including aggravated DUI, resulting in protective custody.

The larger picture includes unlawful possession of alcohol, prohibited sales and transporting alcoholic beverages.

After the alcohol-related offenses, the second highest category among the 47 arrests in November was bench warrant arrests, followed by criminal trespass.

Offense numbers were at 70 in 35 categories combined, down from the 81 in October, but accidents – four occurring on South Main Street – numbered eight, up from October's total of three.

At the end of the month, nine incident cases and 16 arrest cases remained open and seven incident cases were closed, three by arrest. Six cases have been suspended.

Police prosecutor Tim Morgan was engaged in 19 arraignments, eight trials, seven pleas, one protective custody hearing and two other hearings. Officers participating in court were Guy Maloney, Mark Livie, Dean Rondeau, Michael Strauch, Scott Moore, Greg Cooper, Jim O'Brien, Roger Martel and Chris Keaton.

Chase said that officers finished out the year's professional development with all attending a four-hour use of force class led by Martel at the Kingswood Middle School and all spending time at the firing range.

Cooper attended police prosecutor school and dispatcher Mia Lyons received further training on maintaining and updating the Web site, which is now online.

The department is offering free child-safe locks with cables to prevent accidents with weapons. Chase would like people to avail themselves of this opportunity. He also mentioned that any one can sign up for the free NIXLE 24-hour alert system by going to www.nixle.com. Once signed up, emergency notices and alerts are sent via email or text messaging. More than 3,000 police departments use the program.

Chase asks residents in the vicinity of North Main Street and Pleasant Valley Road to report any suspicious activity to the department. Four break-ins have occurred in that area.

The next police commission meeting is scheduled for Jan. 14 – the second Thursday of the month, a departure from the third Thursday schedule – to accommodate the library's need for the meeting room on Jan. 21. The time, 6:30 p.m., remains the same.

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