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New police station plans bring cost down by $100k

December 23, 2009
CENTER HARBOR — Estimated costs for the revised police station plans are nearly $100,000 less than the original design.

Plans for the proposed Police Station were presented during a public hearing on Oct. 24 with an original cost estimate of $1.3 million for the station and landscaping.

Several residents protested the size and price of the design, leading the Building Committee and designers to reduce the size of the proposed station. The revised plans were given the thumbs up by the committee and town officials.

On Dec. 3 the Building Committee met with construction manager Keith McBey of Bonnette, Page, and Stone to get a cost estimate on the revised plans for the police station.

The proposed cost for the revised station is now $1.199 million including landscaping. McBey also gave figures for additional construction costs that were not factored in when the original plans were presented. Around $50,000 will be needed for security, $30,000 for furnishings, and $60,000 for contingency.

The additional expenses will put the total estimated cost of the station at $1.34 million.

That is higher than the original estimated cost of the station $1.3 million, but Richard Drenkhahn, selectmen's representative for the Building Committee, said the additional funds were not factored in with the original estimate.

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