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Meredith tax rate to be set soon after delays

December 09, 2009
MEREDITH — The tax rate will be set by Dec. 15 according to town officials, who say the delay was due to overlapping town manager duties.

The town tax rate is due to be set by Dec. 15 and tax bills will be mailed out soon following a delay in setting the rates.

Town Manager Phillip Warren said the delay was caused due to Administrative Services Director Brenda Vittner's overlapping duties as co-interim Town Manager.

Vittner served as co-interim Town Manager with Community Development Director Jon Edgar following the retirement of former Town Manager Carol Granfield in October of 2008. The two served in that position until late August of 2009 when current Warren was hired as the current Town Manager.

Warren said Vittner was serving in two roles as both interim Town Manager and Administrative Services Director and was not able to meet with the town auditor until September. Warren said a time must be held with the auditor or else the town will fall back in receiving an audit.

"Brenda and John really did a service to this town," said Selectman Bob Flanders. "I want to make sure nobody uses this in any way as a negative reflection against Brenda because it is certainly not."

In the meantime, Warren said the town is anticipated to have good cash flow leading up to when the tax bills are received.

"We don't anticipate borrowing at this point," Warren said. "Our cash flow is sound enough."

Board Chair Peter Brothers said that is an advantage of the tax bills being sent out twice a year.

Brothers also said that, while bills will be due in January, taxpayers who get their bills in before Dec. 31 can do so for tax deduction purposes.

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