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RMAA performs 1000th spay/neuter surgery

Goal for 2010 is 1500 surgeries at the weekly clinics

RMAA veterinary technician, Karen Nelson, comforts Princess and Copper Langlis after their sterilization surgeries at RMAA low-cost spay/neuter clinic. (Courtesy Photo)
November 25, 2009
The RMAA has surgically altered 895 cats, 104 dogs and one rabbit. What do these numbers mean? According to Spay USA, "If two cats and their offspring remain unaltered, (and produce two litters a year with only three kittens surviving) the total numbers in five years is twelve thousand and in nine years, eleven million."

The Rozzie May Animal Alliance began offering low-cost spay/neuter to northern N.H. in Sept. 2007, thanks to Dr. Sara White of Spay ASAP. Seeing the need for such services, RMAA began a mobile spay/neuter clinic in May of 2008. The RMAA van, loaded with equipment necessary for day surgery, would travel for up to an hour from the Valley, unload, set up for the day, alter 20-30 animals, pack up after a long day and head home.

The first mobile clinic was held in Berlin, where 32 cats were altered. Since that time, clinics have been held in Sweden, Maine, Gorham, Laconia, Tamworth, Chocorua, and Albany, (where the town of Albany provided a winter home).

RMAA made the decision to set up a stationary clinic in July 2009. At the clean and well-organized space in Conway, animals arrive between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. and are greeted by RMAA volunteers. The animal is checked in, paperwork completed, and the day begins. First, veterinary technicians perform a weigh in, flea combing and check up. Then the doctor gives every animal a physical before surgery begins. The animals flow through an efficient system of prep, surgery, recovery and discharge, always under watchful eyes. The families reunite in the afternoon armed with post-operative instructions.

This new location allows RMAA to offer weekly clinics to cats and dogs. The first clinic at the new home was Aug. 6 of 2009 and clinics are planned weekly for the rest of the year. The goal for 2010 is to help 1,000-1,500 animals.

Aimee Hartmann, ASPCA Senior Director of Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinics, says, "Unfortunately, people don't always make the connection between their own pets' offspring and the animals in shelters. If your pet has a litter of five and you find homes for those five, then five animals sitting in shelters remain homeless."

The Rozzie May Animal Alliance is committed to reducing the number of homeless animals and minimizing the strain on animal shelters. Together, we are making a huge difference.

How about giving the gift that keeps on giving this year, a spay/neuter gift certificate for that special someone's pet? Call RMAA at 447-1373 for more information or appointments, or stop in at www.rozziemay.org

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