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Lambert chooses private path after controversial comments

November 25, 2009
After using words marked as "inappropriate and hurtful" toward State Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley and to the public, resident and conservative radio personality Doug Lambert has decided to "retire fully to a private life."

Last week, after Lambert made his blunt remarks over the National Gay Rights group, he proceeded to call Buckley a "faggot." Although Lambert was off the air, he was in WEMJ's studio and his remarks were streamed over a Web cam on his Internet blog, the GraniteGrok, for all to see. Lambert "unleashed a rant" that came off more than "hateful" and "offensive" to all those involved.

Among other things, Lambert called Buckley "a disgrace to yourself, to humanity, to mankind and to your party."

Consequences were not small for Lambert, who has lost his spot on his own radio show, "Meet the New Press" on behalf of Nassua Broadcasting, and he has resigned from his position as Belknap County co-chair for Republican Congressional Candidate Frank Giunta. The Laconia Daily Sun will also no longer run Lambert's longstanding Thursday.

Lambert recently announced he will no longer be writing for the GraniteGrok along with co-radio host Skip Murphy, and that he has resigned from the Gilford Budget Committee.

Chair of the Budget Committee Dick Hickok said he didn't see how Lambert's comments elsewhere would affect his position on the committee since he has always been "unpolitical" at meetings.

"As far as I am concerned in the Budget Committee we haven't seen any disrespect. In my personal opinion, this thing happened outside of the Budget Committee, although I'm sure it will come up," said Hickok.

Soon after Hickok's comments, a budget meeting was held last Thursday, and Lambert was not present. Hickok explained that as elected officials, the committee had no right to ask Lambert to leave or not, but that Lambert had decided to resign on his own initiative.

In a letter addressed to Hickok, Lambert explained his reason for resignation.

"Given my recent inappropriate and hurtful remark directed at Mr. Ray Buckley, I feel that it would no longer be in the best interest of the good people that elected me to serve them to remain as their representative," wrote Lambert. "After abusing the powerful voice I was so generously provided, I feel I must forfeit all of the pieces, and this is the final part. I am retiring fully to a private life and I ask that you all respect my choice in doing so."

On Nov. 16, Nassua Broadcasting Manager Robert Fulmer announced that Lambert's contract with the radio station on WEMJ 1490-AM was immediately terminated after his "highly offensive and unacceptable comments" during an off air segment of the show.

"Although the comments made by Mr. Lambert were not aired on our station, we find the comments by him to be completely out of line and unacceptable and we will not allow Lambert the opportunity to air his show on our radio station," said Fulmer in a public statement.

Throughout the last week, Lambert has apologized repeatedly to the public, and Buckley.

"To be blunt, what I said is something that never should be said in any kind of public setting, or quite frankly, in a private one either. Being human, and an honest person that is used to speaking my mind, my passion got the best of me," said Lambert.

"I would like to apologize to Ray Buckley and those whom I have offended for my unfortunate remarks."

Lambert sent out a statement the next day reiterating his emphasis on his apologies to the public and to specifically targeted individuals.

"I have taken an honest and contrite approach to my actions and the resulting consequences … There is nothing that can 'unring' the bell so to speak, and all I can do is stand by my apology and continue to ask for forgiveness," said Lambert, who now seeks out solitude and retirement.

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