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Animal Rescue League of N.H. and CAHS join forces

Shelters combine to better serve N.H.'s animals

Animal Rescue League of N.H. and Conway Area Humane Society recently announced their affiliation. Pictured above are (left) Virginia Moore, Executive Director of Conway Area Humane Society and Caroline Boyd, President and CEO of the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire. (click for larger version)
November 19, 2009
The Animal Rescue League of N.H. brings more than 100 years of history and experience to this relationship, which will assist the younger CAHS in becoming more fiscally and operationally resilient.

The League's current leader, Caroline Boyd, will serve as the affiliation's President and CEO, with the leadership teams of both organizations reporting to her.

"This affiliation is an exciting time in our organizations' histories," said Boyd, "and I know that by combining efforts we will be able to realize the benefits of collaboration while still ensuring that each community retains a critical local resource."

In addition to a unified management team, two members of the CAHS Board will serve on the League's Board and vice versa.

"Together, we can help more animals. Our shared missions of serving animals and the community brought us together and we believe that our whole will be greater than the sum of our parts," said CAHS Executive Director, Virginia Moore.

Beyond the retention of each organization's current community services, additional anticipated benefits of this alliance include:

More animals' lives will be saved in New Hampshire;

The affiliation will create efficiencies and leverage management and development expertise, bringing additional resources to bear on the animal welfare services provided by the two organizations; and

While each shelter will be sharing best practices and operational strategies, the structure will ensure that community resources and assets will stay within the community of origin.

"This winning partnership links the 105-year-old Animal Rescue League of N.H., under the superb management experience of CEO Caroline Boyd, with the energy and additional service area of the six-year-old Conway Area Humane Society. In this case, one plus one equals three. New Hampshire can only benefit from more of such affiliations," said Lew Feldstein, President of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

Each year the League and CAHS help more than 2,500 animals find homes and help countless more through animal cruelty investigations, obedience training, humane education, spay/neuter programs, and food pantries.

For further information, contact the CAHS at 447-5955.

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