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Board tackles dress code and building plans

November 05, 2009
LITTLETON—Preparing for next year's likely vote to build a new middle school and technical center continues to occupy the attention of the Littleton School Board.

At the top of the agenda during Monday's board meeting was a review of materials, including a brochure ,that will be released at the beginning of the year to educate voters about the proposed plan to create a new Career and Technology Center for the district and plans for the Daisy Bronson Middle School.

Daisy Bronson is currently not meeting handicap accessibility codes and there are other structural issues such as old wiring that could possibly lead to the school having to close its doors.

Board members talked at length about the need to find alternative uses for the building if SAU #84 vacates the school. The majority of the Board agreed with fellow Board member Rodney Edwards when he said, it is the Board's responsibly to "educate people and let them be aware of what we're looking at."

This will remain a key priority for the Board and it will be issuing further information in the months prior to the town meeting in March when residents will vote on these issues.

In other business, the need to establish a dress code for the upcoming graduation was discussed.

Superintendent Tommy Stephens said that he wanted to create, a "dignified ceremony that shows respect to the school, students and parents".

In conjunction with administration at the High School, Stephens made the recommendation that the Board approve a dress code policy that would require students to wear dress shoes and pants, socks, and collared shirts under graduation robes. Female graduates will have the option of wearing dress slacks or a shirt.

The policy would also ban students from making alternations such as attaching words and pictures to the top of their caps. Students not complying with the new policy would prohibited for participating in the ceremony.

The Board voted unanimously to accept this recommendation and issued the policy effective for the 2010 graduation ceremony.

Martin Lord Osman
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