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Paul Grenier wins mayor race in Berlin

November 04, 2009
BERLIN — The city of Berlin elected Paul Grenier mayor by almost 60 percent of the votes on Tuesday. Mr. Grenier will replace David Bertrand, the incumbent, who he defeated.

Poll workers delivered ballots sealed in boxes to city hall around 8 p.m., one ward at a time. A small crowd of gathered in the city clerk's office to await the results.

The ward one ballots arrived first, with Ryan Landry defeating Beverly Ingersoll with 55 percent. Mr. Landry is the incumbent. This was his first election, however; he was appointed in May.

Ward two was second to report, with Robert Danderson defeating Jon Edwards with 53 percent. Mr. Danderson and Mr. Edwards were vying for the seat Richard Lafleur is leaving.

The ward four and ward three ballots arrived at city within minutes of each other. Ward four reported first, with incumbent David Poulin defeating Joseph LaPuma for the two year term with 63 percent. Tim Cayer won the four year seat; he was running unopposed.

Michael Rozak won ward three with 51 percent of the vote. He defeated incumbent Ron Goudreau, who received 32 percent. Paul Cusson, who dropped out of the race after registering, received 17 percent.

Mr. Grenier, Mr. Danderson and Mr. Rozak joined together to challenge the current mayor and council despite ideological differences because of their support for the Laidlaw project. Mr. Grenier said at the mayoral debate last Wednesday voters should make this election a referendum on the Laidlaw project.

In addition to the mayor and council elections, residents voted for school board and library trustees. Karin Dorval won the four year school board term. She was running unopposed. Michael Couture, Martha Laflamme and Linda Pivin won the three open two year terms. Ronald Langevin was defeated.

Yvonne Thomas won the four year library trustee term. She was running unopposed. Paul Tardiff defeated Thomas Sutton for the two year term.

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