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New Glendale policies well received

November 04, 2009
The selectmen kept their promise to review the use of the Glendale boat launch and parking lots under new regulations set by them prior to the summer season, which they say went relatively smoothly for residents and commercial contractors.

About 20 residents and contractors showed up at the Glendale review held by the board last week to discuss the results of the new Glendale ordinance. Chairman Gus Benavides said most people were content with the outcome.

Benavides said the board had met with Glendale representatives a few months back and decided to wait until their first summer season with the new regulations ended in order to adequately assess the outcome and give the community a chance to react to the changes.

One of the biggest changes was the elimination of free guest passes, put into effect because of numerous and continuous complaints of congestion.

At previous meetings, it has been mentioned that not all, but some residents were taking advantage of guest passes, and have handed them out to non-residents and taxpayers who would otherwise have no access to Glendale or the Town Beach. In the past, residents have said they should take priority over non-residents when it comes to town facility access.

As for this past summer, guest passes have not been a problem, said Benavides.

"We have noticed a significant decrease in passes and permits. We gave away 1,400 passes last year for free. We only had 300 requested this year. It's good to see that," said Benavides.

Town Administrator Scott Dunn said the volume of complaints from Glendale and taxpayers prompted the decision to set new regulations this past summer. He said that many residents felt they should not have to compete with guests to use a town facility or fight for parking spaces.

"We cut way back (on guest passes). I think a lot of people were giving them away to out-of-state residents. Glendale kept saying it was getting way too crowded and there were no parking spaces," said Dunn. "That came to halt, I think because the passes aren't free anymore."

A guest pass with parking access will cost $25, and boat launching combined with parking will cost $50 for season passes.

The Board of Selectmen plans to assess the outcome of next season at the Glendale facilities as well, and monitor how the new regulations are running this coming summer to ensure the efficiency of the facility and to provide fair access for residents.

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