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Corey Mason acquitted of New Year's Assault assault

November 04, 2009
LANCASTER — Corey Mason was acquitted by a jury on Oct. 28, on the charge of second- degree assault, but was found guilty of criminal liability for the conduct of another.

Mr. Mason, 33, of Groveton, was found not guilty of of kicking in the face of assaulting Matt Shannon, 24 of Groveton, on Jan. 1. Mr. Mason had been accused of kicking Mr. Shannon in the face with a steel-toe boot when the men met on a snowmobile trail between 3 and a.m.- 4 a.m. with a steel toe boot. He was found liable, however, for the actions of his brother Bryan Mason, who his attorney successfully argued had actually committed the assault.

A Post Trial Investigationpre-sentencing investigation, to be completed by the department of corrections, was requested and approved to help determine the extent of Mr. Mason's punishment. According to the Coos Cos County Victim/Witness Coordinator, Jessica Adair, a sentence should be decided within 30 days.

Both sides agreed that Mr. Shannon was indeed assaulted on New Year's Day, and that he was kicked in the face and that the incident took place on Log Hollow Road, in Stark, directly across from the Groveton Trailblazers sign. Defense attorney Adam Cook convinced the jury, however,that on that New Year's Day Mr. Shannon was indeed assaulted and that he was kicked in the face and that it was Corey Mason's brother, Bryan, that had done sokicked Mr. Shannon. That He contended that the fight was strictly between Bryan Mason and Mr. Shannon.

According to the Prosecuting Attorneyprosecutor, Asst. County Attorney, John McCormickMcCormack, however, Corey Mason was the one that had done the kicking. He argued and tthat the Mason brothers had waited for Mr. Shannon and his friend Keith Norman with the intention of entering into an altercation. That Atty. McCormack said the motivation for doing sothe fight was because of something that Mr. Norman had said at an earlier date and that all four men were involved in the scuffle, with Mr. Shannon catching the brunt of it.

Both attorney's were consistent in that the incident took place on Log Hollow Rd. , Stark directly across from the Groveton Trailblazers sign.The injuries that Mr. Shannon suffered that day required him to go to Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital's trauma unit and included a nose fracture and the need for a metal plate to be inserted in his cheek and below his left eye.

"(Shannon) had significant damage to the face," According to the testimony of Northumberland Police Officer Charles Lockhart and at the scene of the incident, "I saw a lot of blood spatter and a lot of footprints."

No date has been set for Mr. Mason's sentencing hearing and Bryan Mason's indictment trial date for identical charges has yet to be announced.

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