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Wolfeboro 2009 property tax rate lower than 2008

Town portion of rate down 8.4 percent

October 29, 2009
WOLFEBORO — The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration has certified the 2009 property tax rate for Wolfeboro, and the good news is the rate is down from last year.

The overall rate per $1,000 of valuation is down one cent, from $10.62 per $1,000 in 2008 to $10.61 in 2009. Both the county and school portions of the rate were up, but the town portion was down 31 cents or 8.4 percent, dropping from $3.69 per $1,000 to $3.38.

The school rate is made up of two parts, the local rate and the state rate. The local school rate was up 37 cents or 10.3 percent, from $3.59 per $1,000 to $3.96. The state school rate dropped 17 cents, from $2.40 to $2.23, dampening the overall impact of schools on the tax rate to an increase of 20 cents per $1,000, or 3.3 percent.

The county portion of the rate was up 10 cents or 10.6 percent, from 94 cents to $1.04 per $1,000.

According to Wolfeboro Tax Collector Brenda LaPointe, tax bills should go out the first week in November and would then be due the first week in December. The one cent drop in the overall rate means that this bill will be slightly lower than the first bill that was due in J

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