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Families will stay warm this winter thanks to clothing drive

Youth group members stand by one pile of clothes along many donated to the church during their clothing drive in October. (click for larger version)
October 28, 2009
Late October mornings are starting to feel a little chillier now as residents are scraping frost off their cars before they leave for an early work or school day, which is why Gilford Community Church's youth group has collected over 1,000 different winter clothing items for those who need them.

This winter is supposed be a cold one, and it is no surprise that the Lakes Region gets cold throughout the winter months, said youth group director, Scott Hodsdon who spearheaded the clothing drive in preparation of chilly temperatures. The youth group usually hosts a fall event, and Hodsdon thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give back to the community with the help of youth group members.

Residents dropped off clothing at the church and youth members helped to sort and organize the clothing items by size, which resulted in piles and piles of donated items in the end.

As the cold weather started approaching, Hodsdon said that clothes came to mind. It is the first year the church has held a winter clothing drive, yet the outcome was more than the youth group could ask for, said Hodsdon.

"We had a tremendous response. We have over 1,000 items, mostly jackets, boots, and mittens. The key item is winter clothing," said Hodsdon. "Our main goal is to offer clothes to anyone in need. It's very cold here and it is a great feeling to provide families with clothing."

Hodsdon donated some of his clothes and jackets as well, and realized how many clothing items he didn't wear anymore that could be put to better use. He said that most everyone has some clothes taking up space in their closest, so why not donate those clothes to a person who really needs them.

Hodsdon said he has had several families stop in to pick out clothing items for the winter months. A mother and child who didn't own any jackets also came in to look for some winter apparel, which really validated what Hodsdon's youth members helped him to achieve. He said it not only reminded the youth members how important it really is to help others in need, but it reminded him of the significance of events that help those in greater need.

Winter clothing items are available at the Gilford Community Church, which will accept donations until the end of October. Hodsdon said the remaining items would be donated to local charities and organizations such as St. Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army.

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