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Architectural firm helps LSBC edge closer to final proposal

Gary Goudreau of Goudreau & Associates discusses plans for the design of a life safety complex with members of the LSBC last Tuesday night. Kelly Davis, a design representative with the firm, looks on. Donna Rhodes. (click for larger version)
October 14, 2009
TILTON — Gary Goudreau and Kelly Davis of Goudreau & Associates of Chester are the winning bidders for the conceptual design of a life safety complex in Tilton.

Citing their experience in life safety buildings, the committee signed a contract with the firm last Tuesday. Goudreau and Davis then appeared before the committee at their meeting on Oct. 6 to hear their needs and discuss a timeline for the project.

Chairman of the Life Safety Building Committee Ben LaBelle had committee members introduce themselves to the company they will be working closely with in the next few months and then briefed the men on the committee's findings over the past several months.

"A major roadblock," LaBelle said, "is that we have a shared fire department."

The Fire District Commissioners and the subsequent Comprehensive Facilities Review Committee have not yet made any determinations on the needs of the fire district.

"A police department is a forgone conclusion but relocation of the fire department is not," LaBelle said. "They are still working through that."

Tom Gallant, sitting in with the committee as a Fire District commissioner, said that the Facilities Review Committee hoped to put together a 10-year plan for the fire department in the next few weeks. The Central Street Station is old and will most likely need to be replaced in the near future, he said. Merging with the Tilton Police Departmen would save both departments money as they could combine costs on land and construction and share some common areas amid such a complex.

"On Oct. 26th we (the Facilities Review Committee) will melt five concepts into one plan," Gallant said. "It will be clear then if the majority is going with a complex or not."

The committee asked that the architectural firm develop a plan for a police department while recognizing that a fire station could be added in the future. Plans should include room for that building and allow the two departments to share some common space within the complex.

Goudreau explained the process and timeline his company would be following as they design a life safety complex. Through talks with the chiefs of both the police and fire departments, they would hear the needs for each building and their teledata requirements, along with physical and personnel needs. Upon acquiring this "programming" information a spread sheet would be created to help architects decide how big the facility should be and come up with the schematics for the design.

In the meantime, Goudreau and Associates will be going over the sites the LSBC have narrowed their choices down to and help them in their final decision as to which property they will base their proposal on. The timeline laid out by the architectural firm gives a deadline of Oct. 23 for site selection and programming. Between Oct. 26 and Nov. 27 they will draw up their schematics for the complex and by Dec. 18 have a cost estimate ready for the committee.

"It's crucial to keep in front of you for the programming work," Gary Goudreau said.

They men asked to meet with LSBC members two to three times a week throughout October as the work unfolds. Tilton Police Captain Owen Wellington, a member of the committee, offered to assist the firm with programming needs and provide them with information his department has already gathered in order to streamline the process.

A request was asked to be sent to the Fire District, allowing Chief Stephen Carrier to work with Goudreau for programming needs of his department should the district decide to join in a Life Safety Complex.

LaBelle invited the architects to attend the public hearing, scheduled for Oct. 21, to meet town residents and answer any questions that may arise.

Matin Lord Osman
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