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Halloween enthusiasts enjoy a screamfest at Morbid Mountain

Veteran chefs cook up something eerily human looking and “tasty” at the haunted hospital. Lauren Tiner. (click for larger version)
October 14, 2009
The Legend of Morbid Mountain, a Halloween screamfest and haunted hayride at Gunstock Mountain Resort, is back this season, stirring up frightening fun with a haunted tour, abandoned hospitals, crazy clowns, and the newest attraction, the Swamp Walk.

Guests come to visit Morbid Mountain late at night, with only carnival ride lights to guide their way from the eerily empty parking lot to Gunstock. The mountains seem much more isolated when the darkness creeps in, and the only attractions in sight are haunted houses, and a hayride that disappears into nowhere.

The recent swamp legend is that a local Biologist and bird watcher, Stanley Burger needed a vacation from his mundane life and ventured out into the woods of Gunstock by a swamp land. He planned to look for new animal species and plants by the swamp, yet he found something else instead, and never returned from his travels.

It was a foggy rainy night, much like the weather most nights in October, and Burger thought he spotted a creature out by the swamp, but the creature spotted him instead. In the meantime, a guest at the Gunstock resort, Dave Cobble called guest services saying he spotted bloody, tattered clothes, and thought he had heard screams.

Groups of teens, and adults, huddle together in the back of Gunstock to walk over the eerie, foggy swamp late at night after being dropped off by the hayride. Their guide, a vampire, brings guests through the swamp where they face unexpected creatures that pop up beneath the bridge. Groups of teens especially attempt to make their way through the quarter mile long swamp quickly, yet they bump into Biologist Burger's tent by accident. Burger, looks a little pale, and slowly walks towards guests, asking them to leave his new home.

Their guide then walks past who appears to be Cobble, dressed in flannel and yelling away on his phone to guest services. He aims to alarm others with the panic in his voice.

Groups finally make their way through the excessive fog, and perhaps the rain by the end of the swamp with a camp fire to warm themselves before the hayride back to Gunstock, but they must face one more obstacle before they do so.

People may assume they are now safe on their hayride back to the main area, yet the driver makes an unexpected turn after hearing noise in the background. The hayride passes figures running through the dark woods, some screaming for help and some demanding that they leave their neck of the woods immediately, or else.

The driver must attempt to get their group back safely, yet they can't seem to dodge all the angry creatures that chase after the hayride, some even threatening guests with chainsaws and super human strength. The hayride finally makes it back to Gunstock, and passengers are greeted by the grim weeper and a creepy clown.

The Hospital of Horror is one of the more frightening attractions on Morbid Mountain with dim lighting, low ceilings and a claustrophobic maze, with dirtied hospital curtains hung on every turn way. Guests are greeted by a doctor who looks like he should be hospitalized himself, along with a nurse holding a giant syringe who informs them of the legend of the hospital.

The story goes that several years prior to the construction of Gunstock stood Belknap Hospital which took in the most severe of patients. The patients eventually rebelled against the doctors and nurses, and the hospital was eventually boarded up.

In the mean time, two hikers were walking through the trails behind Gunstock and lost their way during a bad storm. A streak of lightening illuminated the hospital, which they could not remember ever seeing before. They decided to go in, yet only one hiker came back.

When walking through the maze, guests begin to feel anything but welcomed when they are chased by bloody knifes, needles, and hysterical patients telling them to leave. A crazed doctor also lurks around the hospital and warns people not to go anything further, but they don't listen in time.

The fun house is affectionately termed the "Carnival of Corpses" and is an even more complicated, enclosed maze that seems endless. Visitors are asked to introduce themselves before entering the carnival and voices call out their names as they wander through the maze.

Crazy clowns reside in the maze, spooking people who are trying to find their way through with 3-D glasses, perplexing mirrors, and ghastly images along the walls. If someone gets lost or, separated from their group, they may never find their way out.

Gunstock Mountain Resort will hold Morbid Mountain through Oct. 31 on Fridays and Saturdays from 7-10 p.m.

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