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This catering job was a piece of cake

LRCC Culinary School students Ben Solomon, Ashley Quint and Geoff Weiler pose with their replica of the Belmont Bandstand created for the centennial celebration of the structure last Saturday afternoon. Donna Rhodes. (click for larger version)
October 07, 2009
BELMONT — The Lakes Region Community College's contribution to the Belmont Bandstand Rededication ceremony was the proverbial "icing on the cake" last Saturday afternoon.

The students of Chef William Walsh made not only the giant sheet cake served to attendees, but they took their talents one step further by creating a bakery replica of the century-old landmark.

"This is the most excited I have seen them about a project," said Walsh. "They put over 30 hours into this, and you can see they really enjoyed it. It gave them a chance to work with their structural and artistic abilities."

The bakery rendition of the bandstand was full of detail, right down to green frosted shrubbery and grass. The round, pointed roof, they explained, was built from Rice Krispies then coated in fondant to etch the tiny tiles into. Pillars held the roof above the bandstand's surface. Below, painstaking care was taken in recreating the lattice work from white icing all around the structure's base.

Seniors Ashley Quint, Ben Solomon and Geoff Weiler received many compliments on their tasty-looking replica, which became almost as much of the day's focal point as the actual bandstand. Working from their kitchen on the third floor of the Belmont Mill building next door, they were able to study their subject matter as they recreated it in class. The skills to do such creative baking, Walsh said, are acquired in the Culinary Art school's Bakery and Pastry Certificate program. Cake decorating is one part of this discipline.

"It was extremely fun," said Weiler. "We panicked a little bit a couple times, but it came out great."

The three seniors also belong to the school's Hospitality Club where they cater local parties and events.

"It's a club outside of the school itself," Solomon explained, "We take on different functions to cater and raise money while we're in school."

Walsh cautioned that they are not out to compete with local businesses, but do offer their catering skills to gain valuable experience in the field.

Their Bandstand cake was on display at the Food for Thought Cafe, operated by the school in the Belmont Mill for a week after the ceremony so that everyone could have a chance to appreciate their hard work and creativity.

Anyone interested in the Hospitality Club's services can contact Walsh at 267-1155.

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