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Suspects in PK Motel drug investigation arraigned

New management hopes for better days

October 01, 2009
EFFINGHAM — New management intends to change the PK Motel for the better following a police sting that lead to the arrest of the motel's former manager and a half dozen other suspects on illegal drug and weapons charges, a current manager said on Tuesday.

"Probably 10 percent of the people caused 90 percent of the problems and now they are gone," said manager Jamie Radloff on Tuesday. Since taking over a few months ago, Radloff said he and co-manager Dawn Durocher have welcomed police involvement and have made physical improvements to the 23-unit facility, most of which are efficiency style apartments. The motel is located at 171 Pine River Road.

Police Chief Joe Collins said the bust was the biggest he's seen in his six years at the department. The bust has lead to positive results such as the recovery of stolen weapons and the capture burglary suspects, said Collins.

"Any time you can get people like that out of town it's going to help," said Collins. "It may even deter other people with those intentions from moving in."

Two weeks ago, state and local police arrested six suspects following an investigation into illegal drug and gun possession. Two other men were arrested Tuesday. The arrests came on the heels of a search warrant was executed at PK Motel on Sept. 15, according to a recently unsealed affidavit.

Among those arrested was former PK Motel manager Mary Durocher, 26, of Effingham. She has been charged with seven counts of possession of controlled of drugs (including heroin cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs), and receiving a stolen .45 caliber ACP handgun. At the time, she was living in the basement apartment of the PK Motel with her boyfriend, James Taylor, 26, said Collins.

The new managers will be a "big improvement," Collins said.

Radloff said he had been trying to evict Mary Durocher.

Police executed the search warrant on the manager's quarters in order to find a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver that was allegedly stolen from another Pine River Road residence, according to court papers that were unsealed by Northern Carroll County District Court Judge Pamela Albee on Tuesday in Conway.

During the execution of the search warrant, police allegedly found illegal drugs and a stolen .22 caliber LR North American Arms revolver. Taylor has been charged with seven counts of possession of controlled drugs (including heroin and cocaine) and burglary.

When they executed the search warrant, police found another PK Motel resident, Michael Boyle, 28, with Taylor. Later, Boyle would later be charged with three counts of burglary and one count of theft. Among the items Boyle is alleged to have stolen are the .38 caliber revolver and the .22 caliber revolver.

After the search warrant was executed, Boyle voluntarily agreed to a police interview at the State Police barracks in Tamworth. During the interview, Boyle told police that he and Taylor broke into a Pine River Road residence on Labor Day and he and Taylor stole the two guns from the home, according to the affidavit.

Then Boyle reported that they sold the .38 caliber revolver to a Conway man identified as "Dave D" who he described as a 'major' heroin dealer in this area. Boyle said he and Taylor received 10 bags of heroine for the gun.

Police also allege Boyle broke into a second Pine River Road residence and a residence on Green Mountain Road.

"Dave D" travels to Providence Rhode Island three to four days per week for drugs, an affidavit quotes Boyle as saying.

Police allege "Dave D" to be David Hindle, 28, of Conway. Police executed a search warrant on Hindle's residence on Sept. 16. Hindle has been charged with possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled drug (heroin), receiving stolen property (the .38 caliber revolver) endangering the welfare of a child, and manufacturing marijuana.

Hindle shared his Passaconaway Road residence with his girlfriend, Jessica Young, 27. Young has been charged with possession of narcotic drugs (heroin), two counts of manufacturing marijuana, and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to unsealed documents, police allegedly found the stolen firearm, drugs, and hypodermic needles at the home. Some needles were in Young's eight year old son's room. Young admitted to using heroine three days before the search warrant was executed, court papers allege.

Hindle and Young's roommate, John Barker, 29, was charged with possession of a controlled drug (heroin).

Police allege Charles Lamarche, 42, of Wakefield, received the .22 caliber revolver. Lamarche has been charged with receiving stolen property, possession of marijuana, possession of controlled drug (Vicodin), and manufacture of marijuana.

An eighth man, Anthony Lyman, 19, of Tamworth, has been charged with convicted felon in possession of a firearm, a Jennings model J-22. The relationship Lyman has with the other suspects is not made clear in court records released on Tuesday. However, court records do suggest a link because he is not to have contact with the other suspects. Lyman was arrested on Sept. 23. He is due in court on Oct. 5. He is being held on $25,000 cash bail.

State Police Trooper Nathan Noyes led the investigation and is prosecuting the cases. Noyes said to his knowledge none of the suspects have been able to make bail.

Collins said Noyes did "an outstanding job" with the investigation.

Young, Barker, and Hindle were in Northern Carroll County District Court on Tuesday to waive their probable cause hearings. The three were held on $15,000 cash bail following their arraignments. Young and Barker had their bails reduced to $1,000 cash or $10,000 surety. Hindle's bail was set to $5,000 cash or $25,000 surety.

Other suspects went to Southern Carroll County District Court for probable cause hearings. At the hearings, the following bail amounts were set: Boyle's was set at $5,000, Taylor's was set at $50,000, Durocher's was set at $1,000 cash, and Lamarche's was set at $2,500 cash or $15,000 surety.

Because the suspects have felony level charges against them, they will need to be bound over to Superior Court.

Eric Durocher, Dawn Durocher's former husband, had owned the motel but he has passed away, said Collins.

The PK Motel property is in a trust for Dawn and Eric Durocher's children, said Radloff.

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