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Residents reminded to be wary of cars approaching children

Word of caution comes on the heels of Littleton incident

September 16, 2009
LITTLETON—Police are asking parents to be vigilant of cars approaching their children and to remind children to always tell a parent or guardian about approaching cars and people.

During a recent incident on Mount Eustis Road, two girls were approached by two men in a green car who asked them to get in the car, according to Police Chief Paul Smith.

The girls told their parents, who reported the incident to the police. As a result police are increasing their patrols in the area and are investigating similar reports of vehicles, as the parents passed the word on to their friends.

"Those were some very smart youths," Smith said. "We want children to always be vigilant when approached by an adult."

According to reports of the incident the older man was driving and the younger was a passenger. Police have pulled over vehicles with similar descriptions but unfortunately, Smith said; the report wasn't more specific, such as being able to give a license plate number.

Smith said his department does get reports like this one on occasion and it is a reminder for people to remain on the alert.

"We're not immune to such things up here and parents should teach their children the 'check first' rule," Smith said.

Smith said the check first rule is better than teaching them not to talk to strangers because the word strangers is such an indefinable term.

"A man with a puppy is not a stranger to a kid; they don't understand," Smith said. If children are taught to check with a parent or guardian before going with anyone, it is much safer, he added. Smith also said that it isn't always strangers that are the problem, family members or people a child knows are responsible for the majority of child abductions.

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