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Center Harbor to review town boundaries

September 09, 2009
CENTER HARBOR — Selectmen are looking into the best options for an upcoming review of the town's boundaries.

According to state law, town representatives are required to walk the boundaries of the town to confirm the markers and locations. Center Harbor's Board of Selectmen has contacted its neighboring towns about perambulating the bounds in 2010.

Selectmen reported during their Aug. 26 meeting to have received correspondence from Moultonboro saying the town last perambulated their section of the line in 2003. This would mean it would need to be done again in 2010 as per state law.

On Wednesday, Center Harbor selectmen met with New Hampton Town Administrator Barbara Lucas to discuss looking at the boundaries with New Hampton.

Charley Hanson, chair of Center Harbor's Board of Selectmen, said Lucas told them New Hampton has expressed interest in using a surveyor to look over the bounds.

Hanson said a surveyor has looked at the bounds of Center Harbor in years past, and neighboring towns have talked about splitting the cost.

"I think we'll go ahead and just get it done with the surveyor so we'll have a surveyed boundary," said Hanson, adding that he is looking more into the details of a surveyed perambulation as it has different requirements than a perambulation of a regular property boundary. "We'll get some bids in and look at them, and if it's reasonable we'll have that as a warrant article at this year's town meeting. I think from what Barbara Lucas said they're looking to do the same thing."

Hanson said this is not a formal survey but a review of the bounds by a surveyor.

If the funds for the surveyed perambulation are approved at the 2010 town meeting, the perambulation might be done next summer or "possibly there might be a benefit to wait until spring or fall when the leaves are off the trees," Hanson said.

Center Harbor has not yet spoken to Meredith about the perambulation but will contact them pending town meeting.

Hanson said the town is looking to hire surveyors to perform in the field of observing the boundaries and confirm the established bounds. Part of the process will be to look at prior records.

"Perambulation technology has changed," Hanson said, noting technology such as GPS systems. "I'll be very interested to see."

Historically the perambulation law exists because towns were legislated to keep track of their boundaries; there have been property disputes between towns in the past. Hanson said Center Harbor once had a dispute with Moultonboro regarding a section of Bean Road.

Martin Lord Osman
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