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Seybert, Bennett top rainy Old Home Day 5K

EMERSON DOIRON of Barnstead knows where the camera is as she crosses the finish line of the Barnstead Old Home Day 5K on Saturday. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
September 01, 2009
BARNSTEAD — Mother Nature wasn't exactly cooperative with Barnstead's Old Home Day celebration on Saturday, Aug. 29, but runners have never been the kind of people to bow to the forces of Mother Nature.

While the field was a bit smaller than in years past mainly because of the rain, the Barnstead Old Home Day 5K road race took off as planned from Barnstead Parade on Saturday morning.

While the weather was different than in previous years, the winner was a familiar face, as Morgan Seybert of Gilford once again crossed the finish line in first place claiming victory in 15:58. Timothy Rider of Rochester was second in 16:54, followed by Scott Clark of Gilmanton in 16:58.

The top female was Courtney Bennett of Barnstead. The Prospect Mountain student finished 12th overall in a time of 21:49 and was named the fastest woman in Barnstead for her finish.

Other locals fared well in the race, which was run on a flat course out Parade Road to Route 126 and back to the Parade Grounds.

Kyle Storey of Alton was sixth overall in 19:50, with Alan Barrett, also of Alton, finishing eighth in 20:05. Ben Iannotti of Alton was 13th in 22:38, with Crystal Marston of Barnstead in 14th place in 22:57. She was the second female finisher, while Dawn Heinrich of Wolfeboro was the third woman to finish the race, placing 17th in 23:23.

Bill Carpenter was named as the fastest man in Barnstead with his 18th place finish in 23:29. Colleen Smith was 19th in 23:29, followed by Kathy Traynor of Barnstead in 24:15 and Judi Lemaire of Wolfeboro in 21st place in 24:28. Mike Adjutant of Barnstead was 22nd in 24:32 and Rich Onufry of Barnstead was 23rd in 24:51.

Jim Hennessey of Barnstead was 25th in 25:23, with James Derosier, also of Barnstead, in 26th place in 25:31. Alton's Ronda Fernald was 27th in 25:38. Stephanie Storey of Alton finished 29th in 26:03 and Cliff Doiron of Barnstead was 30th in 26:31. Meghan Hennessey of Barnstead placed 32nd in 27:37, with Michelle Lizotte of Barnstead in 33rd place in 27:53. Jeff Bronnell of Alton placed 34th in 27:56 and Karlene Normandin of Barnstead finished 36th in 28:23.

Nina Joe of Barnstead was 38th in 28:42, with Larry Storey of Alton in 40th place in 29:04. Peg Michaud of Barnstead placed 41st in 29:15 and Jeanie Storey of Alton was 42nd in 29:20. Jim Kidder of Barnstead finished 43rd in 29:33 and Emerson Doiron of Barnstead was 44th in 29:42.

Kyle Barrett of Alton was 47th in 30:09, with James Doucette of Barnstead in 49th place in 30:26 and Mariya Smith of Barnstead 50th in 30:27. Mary Barrett of Alton finished 52nd in 31:27, while Emily Schaaf of Barnstead was 58th in 34:10. Sheri Hotchkiss of New Durham finished 60th in 34:15 and fellow New Durham resident Cathy Garland finished 61st in 34:17. Dana McCausland of Barnstead was 63rd in 43:59 and Kelly Kidder of Barnstead was 64th in 44:46.

Complete results from the race can be found online at www.coolrunning.com.

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