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Belmont schools celebrate First Day America

BES principal Emily Spear officially greeted everyone Tuesday morning and lead them in the Pledge of Allegiance as the first day of school began for the Shaker Regional School District. Donna Rhodes. (click for larger version)
August 27, 2009
BELMONT — Students in Belmont headed back to the classroom on Tuesday for the start of the new school year.

Outside the Belmont Elementary School staff members and officers from the Belmont Police Department were on hand to welcome the boys and girls back from summer vacation. Balloons and Scottish bagpipe music piped through outdoor speakers, making it a festive occasion as the children climbed from school buses or their parents' vehicles.

BES is one of many schools nationwide that participate in a back-to-school program titled "First Day America." Parents are a welcomed part of the morning as students return and settle into a new classroom, or in the case of the younger students, into their very first learning environment. Moms and dads are invited to spend time in their child's class, meeting the teachers, classmates and other parents while enjoying a few brief activities or exploring the classroom.

"It's a great way to start the year," said principal of BES, Emily Spear, "both for the kids and the parents."

At 9:15 parents moved to the cafeteria, followed by the students a few minute later, to kick off the new year.

Spear and school administration welcomed and outlined the focus of the year ahead. This year they will be working under the theme of "We can do it," Spear said, stressing that together with everyone's help they look forward to an exciting, fun and education-filled time at BES.

As the students made their way back to their respective classrooms, parents had the opportunity to meet other staff members of the school who are also involved with the students on a daily basis.

"It's a chance for them to get to meet members of our staff a parent might not always have a chance to get to know," Spear explained.

From food service workers to special needs instructors and aides, faces were put to the names of those who work at Belmont Elementary.

A brunch for the parents was served following the presentation as, down the hall, the first day of lessons got underway.

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