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Joyce Endee

City seal to lose the stacks

August 26, 2009
BERLIN — The city council voted to remove the smoke stacks from the city seal on Monday as part of an effort to recreate the city's image.

City manager Pat MacQueen said he'd discussed the idea of redoing the seal with Laura Viger, the director of the health department and a former art teacher. Mrs. Viger brought several examples of seals without stacks, one of which replaced the stacks in the old seal with pine trees. The council voted unanimously to move to the new seal, and that all stationary with the old seal and other city logos should be used up and not replaced.

The council also discussed the possibility of renaming Union Street for Staff Sgt. Randy Rosenberg, who was killed in Iraq. The change would rename Union Street from Glen Avenue to East Mason Street Staff Sgt. Randy Rosenberg Boulevard. North of East Mason Street, which now includes part of Union Street and part of Cos Street, would all become Hutchins Street.

Councilor Tom McCue said he wasn't sure he could support the idea of renaming the street, as there is already a memorial to Sgt. Rosenberg in Memorial Park. He said he worried what sort of precedent it would set.

Mrs. Viger, who is also the director of parks and recreation for the city, said she had shied away from naming parks and fields after people, but with roads there are more options.

City planner Pam Laflamme had suggested the name of Union Street Park might also be changed if the road name was changed. Councilor David Poulin, who had first brought the idea of naming a street after Sgt. Rosenberg, said he was only asking for the street name; the park as well seemed a little much, he said.

The council asked staff to bring several resolutions to the next meeting, breaking up the renaming of Unity Street, the park and the Hutchins Street extension into separate resolutions.

The council heard from New Hampshire Department of Corrections Commissioner William Wren for almost an hour about the history and future of the prison system and how it pertains to Berlin. He said the department is looking to do more community work with released inmates to reduce their return to the penal system. He said such measures should help cut costs. He also said the layoffs in the prison system should be over if the unions agree to the furloughs proposed by the governor.

The council voted to approve a taxicab business license request from Daniel Millet and Cheryl Fenwick to operate under the name Dependable Taxi.

Housing coordinator Andre Caron updated councilors on the requirements for the Neighborhood Stabilization Administration funding requirements and gave them three resolutions on financial management, ethics and conflicts of interests. The council had to pass the resolutions to be eligible for the $4.3 million, he said. The council passed the resolutions unanimously.

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