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Coleman takes fourth-straight Granite Man title

Tuftonboro athlete is second, Wolfeboro's Hall wins women's race

AARON COLEMAN of Portsmouth won his fourth consecutive Granite Man title on Saturday, Aug. 15. Kathy Sutherland. (click for larger version)
August 17, 2009
WOLFEBORO — In the past few years, Granite Man Triathlon competitors have had to deal with pouring rain and driving wind that made the water so choppy that the swim portion was shortened.

So when Saturday dawned a bit on the warm side, it was probably not much of a deterrent to the 170 individual triathletes and 50 teams that descended on Carry Beach for the 28th annual running of Wolfeboro's largest athletic event.

When the results had been tallied, Aaron Coleman of Portsmouth had picked up his fourth Granite Man title in a row and a familiar face returned to the top of the women's field, as Elizabeth Hall of Wolfeboro won her seventh Granite Man title, her first since 2006.

Coleman easily bested his closest competitor, Alvaro Gimenez-Salines of Tuftonboro, crossing with a time of 1:19:53, with Gimenez-Salines finishing in 1:22:40.

Former Granite Man winner Tim Crowley of Marlboro, Mass. was third overall in 1:25:03, while perennial contender Scott Marr of Falmouth, Maine clocked in fourth overall in 1:25:49. Bruce Butterworth of Seabrook rounded out the top five with a time of 1:28:30.

Hall finished just more than a minute ahead of her closest competitor, crossing the finish line in 1:31:34. Lisa Rosenblatt of Moultonborough took second place with her time of 1:32:54. Former winner Jodie Conway of Framingham, Mass. was third in 1:33:40 and former Wolfeboro resident Carrie Bartlett, now of Bedford, Mass. was fourth in 1:33:52. Megan Connolly of Manchester, Mass. rounded out the top five female competitors with her time of 1:34:15.

Wolfeboro's Ben Hemani won the 18-29 age group for the men, finishing in a time of 1:34:40, placing him 24th overall. Alex Dumars of Wolfeboro was eighth in that age group with his time of 1:42:57. Scott Foulger of Mirror Lake clocked in at 2:10:29 to finish 23rd in that age group.

Gimenez-Salines was the only local in the 30-34 group for the men and he took the top spot with his time.

Ted Hall of Wolfeboro was first in the 35-39 age group, finishing in 1:36:16, while Kevin Lawlor of Wolfeboro was third in 1:42:29, Ralph Hansell of Tuftonboro was fourth in 1:46:28 and Tom Holmes of Wolfeboro was fifth in 1:47:02. Anthony Daigle of Wolfeboro was 12th in 2:03:26, with Steve Kirwan of Wolfeboro 13th in 2:06:04.

In the 40-44 group for the men, Claes Thelemarck of Tamworth was ninth in 1:44:40, with Davides Blackburn of Wolfeboro finishing 11th in 1:46:07. John Krebs of Freedom was 15th in 1:51:57 and KC Lincoln of Wolfeboro was 16th in 1:53:42. Bill Railton of Mirror Lake was 19th in the group in 2:05:26 and Michael Christopher, also of Mirror Lake, was 21st in 2:12:52.

Martin Boucher of Wolfeboro was second in the 45-49 group, finishing in 1:37:03, with Andrew Northrop of Ossipee in fifth place in 1:47:26.

Wolfeboro's Bob Mathes finished third in the 55-59 group, crossing the finish line in 1:39:01, with Fred Skinner of New Durham just behind in fourth place in 1:41:25. Dan Coons of Wolfeboro placed sixth in 1:47:55.

In the 60-69 group, Gil MacDonald of Melvin Village was third in 2:12:48, Jim Rankin of Wolfeboro was fifth in 2:30:27 and David Wells of Wolfeboro was sixth in 2:34:19.

For the women, Joy Hansell of Tuftonboro was fourth in the 30-34 group, finishing in 1:51:33, just three seconds ahead of Kirsten MacLellan of Wolfeboro.

Rachel Babcock of Alton finished fifth in the 35-39 group with her time of 1:54:29 and Emilie Clark of Wolfeboro was sixth in 1:57:17.

Liz Bean of Wolfeboro was fourth in the 45-49 group with her time of 1:57:13 and Cathy Russo of Wolfeboro finished seventh in 2:14:46.

In the 50-59 group, Libby Peard of Wolfeboro was fourth in 2:05:14.

Team results

Granite Man athletes also have the option of competing as a team, with different people responsible for each leg of the triathlon. Most teams have three members, but a team could compete with two members as well.

The fastest team of the day was the male team of Gurall, White and Davey from Boston, Mass., finishing in a combined time of 1:25:13. Fellow male team Gordan, Gudas and DiCaprio of Concord was second in 1:30:25 and the co-ed team of Day, Stoynoff and Higgins was third overall in 1:31:32.

The Harper Ekstrom team from Wolfeboro was sixth among male teams with a time of 1:57:37.

The Bosak, Phillips and Ekstrom team of Wolfeboro was fourth among female teams in 1:49:05, followed by the team of Cutler, Berckmans and Ilsley of Wolfeboro in 1:57:37. The Meehan, Borelli and Moody team of Mirror Lake took sixth in 1:57:50.

The Day, Stoynoff and Higgins team was first among co-ed teams, while the Kiley and Hubbard team of Wolfeboro finished third in 1:36:03. The Bartlett, LaFontaine, Gamble team, also from Wolfeboro, was 11th in the division in 1:49:52.

The team of Corbally, Corbally and Corbally of Alton won the family team division in 1:32:13, with the Maughan, Maughan and Maughan team of Melvin Village in third place in 1:39:40. Maidhof, Francese and Maidhof, also of Melvin Village, took fifth in 1:48::50, with the Haley, Haley and Haley team of Mirror Lake in ninth place in 1:56:40 and the Blackburn, Blackburn and Blackburn team finishing 10th in 1:58:55. The Blakslee, Blakslee and Ferrera team of Mirror Lake was 12th in 2:01:15, while the team of Cain, Bransfield and Pratt was 14th in 2:18:35 and the team of Hemani, Hemani and Hemani of Wolfeboro was 15th in 2:24:18.

The team of Coons, Coons and McKinley raced in the 50 and over female group and finished first in 1:53:16, while the team of Murray, Pratt and Pratt raced in the 50 and over co-ed division and took first place in 2:04:09.

The Granite Man, now in its 28th year, is a fundraiser for the Albert Dow III Memorial Scholarship, given in honor of a local resident who gave his life as part of a search and rescue mission in the White Mountains 28 years ago.

Complete results from the race can be viewed at www.coolrunning.com.

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