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Lancaster ass't. principal takes Northwood job

August 12, 2009
WHITEFIELD — The resignation of Lancaster Elementary School (LES) vice principal Rich Hartford was accepted on Monday night with regret by the White Mountains Regional School District school board. Mr. Hartford has accepted the post of principal of the Northwood Elementary School, starting Monday, August 24. Northwood is about the same size as LES, which in June had 460 students enrolled, including 30 preschoolers.

Following an executive session, the board reached consensus, as recommended by SAU 36 Superintendent Dr. Lou Lafasciano, to advertise for an interim assistant principal, whose duties also include that of athletic director and after-school coordinator, for the 2009-2010 school year.

An ad hoc interview committee will be formed, chaired by LES principal Pat Mclean.

The board also voted unanimously to hire David Earlywine to teach grade 3 at a salary of $28,850, Step 0-BA, and Jennifer Marie Berry as a special education teacher at a salary of $37,769, Step 11-MA, both at the Jefferson Elementary School.

The board also voted to hire Michelle Overhoff as the Family and Consumer Science teacher at the Whitefield School at a salary of $42,753, Step 12-MA, with four yes votes and one no vote, with her husband, school board member Tim Overhoff, recusing himself.

Jefferson Elementary School teacher Patricia Packard had her request for a child-rearing leave from Oct. 26 to Jan. 1, 2010 approved unanimously.

A request by Lancaster School teacher Rana O'Loughlin for a child rearing leave for the 2009-2010 year was passed over with no action.

WMRHS special education teacher Rhonda Weeks' request for a hardship leave for 2009-2010 was denied on a 4 to 2 vote.

The board also accepted the resignation of Lancaster School paraeducator Cheryl Bougie with regret.

Jonathan Quay was hired as a Title I teacher assistant at the Lancaster School at a salary of $10.74 an hour, 37.5 hours, Step 0-BA. This position is funded from a grant, outside of the regular budget. Approximately $50,000 will be spent to rehire paraeducators whose positions were cut because of action to reduce staff, Dr. Lafasciano explained. These positions will be filled from within the budget because of student needs, he said.

The school board turned down a course of action outlined by WMRHS assistant principal-athletic director Mike Berry. He had suggested that Laurie Carr be the co-head coach of the WMRHS girls' varsity soccer team and that he also serve as the co-head coach, working with the team two days a week and be on hand for home games, but not away games. After an executive session, the board informed Mr. Berry that members had reached consensus more than a year ago that an AD should only serve as a coach in emergency situations.

The board also rejected Mr. Berry's recommendation that Ms. Carr should serve as the varsity coach, with two members voting "no" and four abstaining. School board member Randy Boggess was not present.

Jeannine LaBounty was approved as the varsity field hockey coach, and Jenn Rideout as the junior varsity field hockey coach.

At the middle school level, Marc Brodeur was hired to coach girls' soccer and Grant Fuller, boys' soccer coach, both at the Whitefield School. Lindsay Cote was hired to coach girls' soccer and John Lamphere to coach boys' soccer, both at the Lancaster School.

The next board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on August 24 at the Central Office.

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