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New coach replaces Dubois, new counselor on the way

August 12, 2009
With former Gilford High varsity football head coach Michael Dubois facing misdemeanor charges, the School Board decided that keeping him on is currently "out of the question" and has hired a new coach to take his place.

Former Laconia Youth Football Association coach and assistant at Gilford High School Mark Brewer will replace GHS's prior head coach and guidance counselor Michael Dubois for the course of the 2009 football season.

Charges against Dubois include a false swearing/statement, and allegedly forging a document with his separated wife's name, Deborah Dubois, to obtain copies of back tax returns. The Gilford Police Department's investigation started back in May.

Chair of the Gilford School Board Margo Weeks said that re-hiring Dubois as head coach after the incident was out of the question for this year, but that the board and Athletic Director Dave Pinkham were pleased to have a qualified coach aboard just in time for pre-season.

"Mark Brewer's background is assistant coaching. He has been at GHS for two years and comes highly recommended. Kurt Weber also spoke highly of him. I know my son heard the news and thought it was great. The kids know him," said Weeks.

Brewer, a former football player himself at Laconia High School and the University of New Hampshire, will serve as interim coach, meaning he may not coach for more than the 2009 season, Weeks said. She said the hiring process took just one week, and Brewer was chosen from several other candidates.

"Brewer is just taking over for the season. I'm not sure exactly where he stands or what will happen when they do a further search. Other interested candidates may apply, but Brewer may also be a good pick for the long-run," said Weeks. "Football season already started and we really did need to be efficient (with the hiring process)."

The football team is already well under way with their pre-season practices, doing drills and conditioning in their summer sessions with Brewer.

According to Weeks, the same process used to find Brewer will be used to find a new guidance counselor to replace Dubois in that capacity.

"The plan is just to do it on an interim basis. Other than that there are no plans," said Weeks.

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