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Salem runner bests Old Home Day 5K field

Locals take four of the top seven spots in annual event

AFTER FINISHING THE RACE, Shelby (right) and Alli (left) Erwin of New Durham headed back out on the course to cheer on Lucinda (back) and Sadie Erwin as they approached the finish line. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
August 09, 2009
ALTON — More than 230 runners and walkers turned out on a gorgeous Saturday morning for the annual Alton Old Home Day 5K, and local competitors walked away with a number of top finishes.

The race started on Route 11 in Alton Bay near Shibley's Drive-In and wound it's way toward town on Route 11, before heading down Letter S Road to Route 140. The course followed Route 140 back to the center of town and the runners returned to the finish line in Alton Bay via Route 11.

The top overall finisher was Jim Johnson of Salem, who clocked in at 15:46, more than a minute ahead of second place finisher Tyler Mueller of Pottstown, Pa., who finished in 16:59.

Prospect Mountain cross country and track standout Isaac Fithian of Alton ran to a third place finish in 17:35, just 20 seconds ahead of former Kingswood star Max Thomas of Wolfeboro, who finished in 17:55. Josh Vance of Strafford was the fifth place finisher with a time of 18:13.

Among the women, Tracy Swain-Dickey of Alton took the top spot with a time of 19:44, while Elizabeth Corbally of Alton took second in 20:17. Kara Jacobs of Wolfeboro, coach of the Kingswood cross country girls, was third in 20:35, followed by Michelle Deroche of Alton in 20:45 and former Prospect star Amanda Pellowe of Alton in 20:51.

Prospect Mountain track and cross country coach John Tuttle ran to a sixth place finish overall in a time of 18:41, with his son Drew, 14, just behind him in 18:48. Mark Batcheldor of Alton came home 10th overall in 19:23, with former Alton and Prospect star Kyle Storey in 11th place in 19:37.

Mark Richardson of Wolfeboro finished 15th overall in 20:05, while Aaron Dore of Alton came home 18th in 20:21. Alan Barrett of Alton was 10 seconds back in 19th place overall. New Durham's James Downey was 23rd in 20:39, while Bill Todd of Alton cracked the top 30 in 28th place with his time of 21:25.

Daniel Place of New Durham ran to a 36th place finish in 21:58, while former Kingswood standout Kirstie Nicol of New Durham took 39th place in 22:24, the same time registered by Gary Oickle of Alton, who placed 40th. MacKenzie Copley of Alton finished 44th in 22:40, one second ahead of fellow Alton runner Andrew Santucci, who placed 45th.

New Durham's Shelby Erwin was 48th in 22:42 and former Prospect Mountain three-sport athlete Moose Bourdeau finished 50th in 23:00. Sam Huggard of Alton was 56th in 23:44, with Steven Noyes of Alton clocking in at 24:42 for 63rd place. Alton's Steve Renner was 65th in 24:49 and Wolfeboro's Judi Lemaire finished 67th in 25:21 to capture first in her age group.

Dave Ferruccio of Alton came home 70th in 25:36 with Rocco Bishop of New Durham placing 73rd in 25:47. Rob Starck placed 75th in 25:53, with Hudson Ingoldsby 76th in 25:57 and Joe Leone 77th in 25:59. All three are from Alton.

Alton's Sandra Woehr finished 80th overall in 26:03, just six seconds ahead of fellow Alton resident Meredith Roy, who finished 81st overall in 26:09. Wendy Huggard of Alton placed 84th in 26:14. Former Kingswood field hockey standout Cortney Colligan of Brookfield was 85th overall in 26:16, while Hillary Moore of Wolfeboro placed 88th in 26:25. Stephanie Storey of Alton was 89th in 26:37.

Wolfeboro's Seth Richardson was 96th in 27:08, with fellow Wolfeboro resident Evan Welch cracking the top 100 in 100th place in 27:35. Ronald Senecal of Alton placed 101st in 27:39, while Debbie Hornsby of Alton was 103rd in 27:41. Wolfeboro's Miya Hirabayashi came home 106th overall in 27:44, just ahead of Donald Hirabayashi, also of Wolfeboro, who finished in 27:49. Pauline Archambault of Alton was 108th in 27:52.

Mary Mannen placed 113th in 28:05, while Ryan Crawley was 117th in 28:27, Melissa Erickson was 118th in 28:30, Shelby Hicks was 120th in 29:11 and Hanna Deroche was 121st in 29:16. All five are from Alton. Barnstead's Evan Misiaszek was 127th in 29:27, while Douglas Cheney of Alton finished in 29:30 for 129th place, just ahead of fellow Altonite Charlene Burke, who crossed in 29:33 for 130th place.

Jeffery Brownell of Alton was 135th in 29:58, while Alli Erwin of New Durham finished 138th in 30:34. Janine Crawley of Alton was 139th in 30:39, while Clinton Lagace of Alton placed 144th in 31:13. Prospect Mountain track coach Kristi Hikel came home 146th overall in 31:39, while Patti Cain of Wolfeboro was 148th in 31:56. Kyle Barrett of Alton placed 149th in 31:58 and fellow Alton resident Jeanie Storey was 150th in 32:01.

Tim Kinnon placed 151st in 32:02, with Maria Santucci in 152nd place in 32:10. Beatrice Guzman placed 154th in a time of 32:15, while Nolan Sykes finished 156th in 32:38, the same time recorded by David Sykes, who finished 157th. All five are from Alton. Nick Woodard of New Durham finished 158th overall in 32:39.

Alton residents took spots 161 through 164, with Emelie Morton finishing in 33:03, Larry Storey clocking in at 33:10 and Emma Hardie and Signe Therrien both crossing the line in 33:16. Wendy Noyes of Alton finished 166th in 33:19 and Donna Bulger, also of Alton, was 168th in 33:24.

Nancy Cheney of Alton was 172nd in 34:25, with Mary Barrett of Alton in 174th place in 34:39. Robyn Virball of Wolfeboro was 176th in 34:54, followed by Karl Ingoldsby of Alton in 35:05, Merri Marks of New Durham in 35:16 and Jacob Woodard of New Durham in 35:31. Becky Lounsbury of Barnstead was 181st in 35:59 and Katharine Lagace and Hames Lagace of Alton finished 182nd and 183rd, both with times of 36:12.

Lynette Place of New Durham was 185th in 36:47, with Jan Allard, also of New Durham, one spot back in the same time. Mike Hornsby and Kim Kelly of Alton finished with matching times of 37:28 for 187th and 188th place, while Kylie Horsnby was one second back in 189th place. The race's youngest competitor, Nathan Archambault, 4, of Alton was 191st in 38:42, while Kathryn Archambault of Alton was 192nd in 38:43.

Judy McMahon of Alton was 194th in 40:08, with Jen Santucci of Alton in 195th place in 40:13. Anna Deroche of Alton was the top female walker in a time of 41:47. Terri Wintors of New Durham placed 197th in 41:49 and Bill Crocker of Alton was 200th in 41:50. Kim Parker and Shelby Therrien of Alton both finished in 43:15 for 201st and 202nd place. Nancy Kelly of Alton was 204th in 44:30.

Owen Parker of Alton was 208th in 45:15 and Reuben Parker of Alton was 209th in 45:17. Mary Flood of Wolfeboro was 213th in 46:01, with Lucinda Erwin of New Durham in 214th place in 46:02. Sadie Erwin, 4, of New Durham finished 215th in 46:03. Luke Deroche of Alton as 216th in 46:19 and Robert Deroche, also of Alton was 217th in 46:20. Jackie Hutchins of Alton was 218th in 46:33 and Marcia McHarg of Alton placed 219th in 46:34. Donna Woodard of New Durham was 220th in 46:37. Barbara Johnson of Wolfeboro was 229th in 49:37, with Shawn Thomas and Abigail Thomas of Alton finishing 231st and 232nd in 50:43 and 50:44.

Complete results from the race can be found at www.coolrunning.com.

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