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Moultonboro Old Home Day brings new and old delights

Madison and Marissa Perrotti dive into the pie-eating competition at Old Home Day in Moultonboro. Sarah Schmidt. (click for larger version)
August 05, 2009
MOULTONBORO — The historic buildings in Moultonboro came back to life on the town's third Old Home Day, as crowds packed there and on Playground Drive for some summer fun.

Opening up the Lamprey House, the Town House, the Schoolhouse, and the Grange Hall, the Moultonboro Historical Society invited the public to celebrate with them and share in Moultonboro's unique history. As some members of the society grilled meat and served lunch, others dished up Italian ices and sold donated cakes, cookies, and pies as fast as people came in to drop off more. The Top Drawer Four barbershop quartet entertained on the porch, and shining classic cars nosed against the highway for a show.

The society took special care in thanking Natt King for his work for the society, including installing granite steps to the Lamprey House, allowing people easy access to the museum inside. Mary and Stewart Lamprey called the occasion "Old Home Day for Natt King" in his honor.

"No one in the society has done more than Natt King," said Stewart Lamprey. "He has given so much - the steps you see are all donated. He's been wonderful to us, and we appreciate all he's done."

King expressed surprise at the recognition, since he said he'd just done the work in his spare time. He encouraged everyone to participate in their community and "do a little bit."

"Now we have the Great Wall of Moultonboro," said Mary Lamprey.

On the spot outside the Lamprey House where she remembered playing, the society set up stands for a raffle and for local crafted jewelry to be sold. The funds raised last weekend will go towards operating expenses and the society's efforts to restore the rest of the Lamprey House, donated by Lamprey's father and uncle in 1994.

While many took home a blueberry pie or box of cookies from the Old Home Day celebration, a select few chose to eat their sweets on the spot - competitively. Going for maximum mess, kids and adults dove face-first into chocolate pies topped with whipped cream in the pie-eating contests. Kathy Garry, who made the concoctions of graham cracker crust, chocolate pudding, and mounds of whipped cream, said that these contests are a "traditional activity for Old Home Day."

The first contest was a tie between competitors Riley Poehlman and Christina Shipelliti, who managed to cover their faces and eyelashes in their rush to be the winner. In the next competition, Bruce Worthen beat out all competitors with his own special strategy.

"You just dive right in - it took me years of practice and a lot of coaching," Worthen joked.

Over at Playground Drive, another traditional competition involved a little more lather and a little less whipped cream. The Edith's Tennis Tournament, "tennis with a sense of humor," embarked on its thirteenth year of tennis matches to benefit the American Cancer Society. Sean McKinley of the Rec Department took over running the event several years ago and said that things were encouraging, both in the number of people that had turned out that morning - 27 - and in the generosity of local businesses pledging amounts to the ACS.

"She (Edith Hazelton) had a very dry sense of humor," said Recreation Director Donna Kuethe, explaining the tourney's motto. "Some of the ladies here knew Edith."

Last year, the Recreation Department held kids' games on the school playing fields. This year, they attracted a larger number of kids with the prospect of a penny carnival at the more visible Playground Drive. Kids lined up to hand a penny to a counselor, in order to try their hand at a ring toss, toss beanbags, and go fishing for candy in the dugout.

"We wanted to be here," said Kuethe. "It's easier and more accessible."

The department also planned to bring families back that afternoon for a luau for parents and children.

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