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PELRB upholds Meredith union

July 29, 2009
MEREDITH — The New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relations Board upheld its decision to allow Meredith's Public Works, Sewer, and Water Departments join in a union after an appeal from the town.

The PELRB approved the proposal for a collective bargaining unit between the departments in May. A first for the town, the petition to form a collective bargaining unit was made by the State Employees International Union, Local 1984.

The SEIU sought to form a union between employees at the Public Works Department and the Water and Sewer Department. Though the town raised no objection to the formation of the union, it took issue with the melding together of town departments and with some employees who might be considered to have supervisory powers in the unit.

After the PELRB's May decision, the town filed an appeal on June 19, and requested a review of the hearing officer decision. The review was made, and the decision upheld unanimously by PELRB Chairman Jack Buckley and members Kevin Cash and Sanford Roberts.

"Upon completion of its administrative review, the Hearing Officer decision is upheld," wrote Buckley, in the order on request for review of the hearing officer's decision.

Interim co-Town Manager Brenda Vittner said that the town would not be appealing the PELRB's decision any further.

Martin Lord Osman
Tilton School
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