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Board hears reports from Fire Chief and Road Agent

July 23, 2009
TUFTONBORO — At their meeting this Monday, July 20, selectmen heard updates from department heads.

Chief Adam Thompson reported that Lt. Caleb Pike completed an application for the Resource and Recovery Act's Fire Station Construction Grant Program, just in time for the July 10 deadline, in the hope that the town might be able to receive construction aid for a new fire station. Thompson said that the department did meet a lot of need categories but is at a competitive disadvantage because it does not have firm plans in place or money allocated for the project at this point. He commented that there are also poverty level considerations that might diminish the town's chances.

Thompson has also written a letter of intent to apply for funding from the 2010 Unified Hazardous Mitigation Assistance Program of the N.H. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department for four cisterns to place in areas where a water source is not readily available. Tuftonboro's Four Corners would be one such location. Each cistern would contain a 30,000 gallon supply of usable water.

A matching forestry fire fighting equipment grant for protective gear is also in the works.

Electrical work on Union Wharf is planned soon. There was discussion of the best means to get the message across that there should be no diving near the electrical panels. Selectmen decided on having a sign posted stating, "Dive at your own risk."

Road Agent Jim Bean's crew has lowered and widened a section of the top of Federal Corner Road, which Bean says will help with plowing, and has also replaced and extended a few culverts along the road to improve drainage.

Bean reported that the Pier 19 deck work is done, and his men have been cutting trees along roadsides. They have also been filling potholes on Lang Pond Road and have swept intersections and fixed the ditch along Lake Street.

Looking ahead, Bean said that he wants to extend the culverts along North Line Road, improve the drainage along Sodom Road, especially the section of steep hill where the dirt washes out every spring, and work on the Route 171 area where driveways drain into the road.

With roadside mowing coming up, he has been looking into available boom mower rental and will have to pay $50 an hour. He asked if the selectmen would consider buying a used one, which he figures could pay for itself in two summers.

Thinking ahead to next year's budget, Bean mentioned that the heating system for the town garage is inefficient and expensive, and he hopes that selectmen will consider an alternative.

Other business

Selectmen accepted from Army Captain Mary Laase on behalf of the town a flag flown over Afghanistan during a combat mission in an F15 in the 492nd Fighter Squadron on April 18.

Laase, who has been stationed in both Iraq and Afghanistan, had to return to duty, but wrote that she gave the flag in gratitude "for where I come from." Selectmen expressed thanks for the flag and Laase's continuing service to her country. The framed triangular folded flag will hang in a prominent place in the town offices.

Selectman Chair Dan Duffy commended Tuftonboro's Boy Scout Troop 165 on the achievements of its four members who recently attained the rank of Eagle Scout Jacob Evans, Michael Hlushuk, Chris Mancuso and Tom Roseen. Their well-attended ceremony included Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, proud family members, and town officials.

Planning Board Chair Rick Friend requested that selectmen appoint an additional alternate to the planning board.

Selectman Carolyn Sundquist said the town has received only one bid so far for painting of the town office building. She expressed concern that time is running out to get the job done before winter. She will confer with Codes Officer Jack Parsons about whether to they should solicit more bids, advertise or accept the present bid.

Capital Improvement Program Chair John Simms has provided request forms to all department heads. The board plans to address the town's anticipated needs in their Monday, July 27 work session at the town office building.

Selectman Bill Stockman said he has done some research to respond to calls regarding the water level of Dan Hole Pond. It continues to drop despite heavy rains. Mark Wright is the dam keeper and the town of Ossipee owns the dam. According to Jim Weber, it is leaking slightly at the boards. Stockman said he will touch base with the camps in that area.

Duffy mentioned that residents may pick blueberries on Melvin Island.

A work session is scheduled for July 27 at the town offices. The next selectmen's meeting will be on Aug. 3, at 7 p.m.

The public safety facilities committee has set Thursday, July 30, at 7 p.m. for a public forum on the building options under consideration at Tuftonboro Central School. They will offer residents a chance to fill out a questionnaire at the end of the presentation and give their opinions on the various options.

Martin Lord Osman
Tilton School
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