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Floor work not needed in part of Railroad Station

July 16, 2009
WOLFEBORO — Last Thursday Wolfeboro Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Mary DeVries got some good news: it would not be necessary to move the Chamber out of the Railroad Station building into a temporary trailer after all.

Engineers inspecting the flooring system in the building determined that the floor under the Chamber office was in good shape and did not need to be rebuilt like the section under the Wolfeboro Nursery School.

A temporary trailer was due to be delivered that day but DeVries called it off. "I can't tell you how relieved I am that we can stay in the building," she said.

Public Works Director Dave Ford acknowledged that not having to rebuild the complete floor system in the Railroad Station will save some significant money on the project. However, he cautioned that other issues recently uncovered may lead to some if not all of the savings being used. He cited the need to bring the plumbing in the building (including the Chamber office) up to code. Among other things the chimney needs to be relined and insulation installed under the floors, even in the Chamber area.

Ford will be giving a progress report to the Wolfeboro Board of Selectmen at its meeting on July 15, after this paper went to press. A full report will follow next week.

Varney Smith
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