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Revitalization committee to look at Belmont Village District

July 15, 2009
BELMONT — The Board of Selectman last week approved 13 names of people who have volunteered to form the Belmont Village Revitalization Committee.

Chairman Ron Cormier temporarily appointed board member David Morse to head up the committee for the initial meeting.

"I think it's a great list," Cormier said as he reviewed the names. "Nice to see some new names, but there is a good group here who have done a lot."

Representatives from many sectors of the community have asked to be on the committee. Zoning, Public Works, Library and Cemetery Trustees, selectmen, Planning Board, Heritage and Conservation Commission members, among other local citizens, will begin to examine and develop a plan for the Village District.

The Heritage Commission is credited with developing the concept of a Revitalization Committee. Linda Frawley, a member of the commission, said that the idea stemmed from the reconstruction of the Belmont Mill.

"The Village has untapped potential for recreation and economic development," Frawley said. "This is really a celebration of what has been done already and a look to restore the Village to prominence in Belmont."

The Mill, Bandstand and additions to the Library they see as a jumping off point for further improvements to the area. The committee will examine ways to continue the momentum and hopefully attract business and more activity in the village itself.

Morse said he is very enthusiastic about this new committee. They would, in effect, be working hand-in-hand with the improvements done by the Heritage Commission and going beyond.

"This is sort of like an internal charette," he explained. "We had an outside charette done awhile ago and now we can continue on internally with plans for the Village."

They do not seek to come up with costly plans, but rather some "tweaking" and subtle enhancement to the area, Morse explained. By including members of various town departments and residents at large, he said, they can get a greater cross-section of ideas for improvements to the "heart and soul of Belmont."

The first Belmont Revitalization Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 19, at 7 p.m. in the Corner Meeting House.

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