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DPW, parks and rec deal with rainy summer

July 08, 2009
It has been a wet summer so far but Gilford has been attempting to keep as many summer activities running as possible.

"It's been somewhat slow with the rain," said Herb Greene, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, about Gilford Beach. "We have had good traffic in the morning with swimming lessons, but we have also closed up early on occasion because of the rain."

Greene said that they have had a bigger influx of nicer weather recently. He said that the equipment is built for the rain, so there is no concern it will be affected. The department has maintenance staff on duty all summer to help with erosion issues.

"I check the weather," Greene said over the Fourth of July weekend, "but that only goes out 10 days. I am certainly hoping we have turned a corner with the rain. It certainly looks like it will dry up now."

Sean Sullivan, assistant beach manager, said that it has been smooth sailing so far in terms of issues at the beach and hoped the trend would continue. The Laflamme family, who traveled to the beach last weekend, said it was the first time they had been there so far this summer and hoped the weather would keep getting nicer.

The weather has also affected the Department of Public Works and their work on the roads. The staff of the DPW has kept busy trying to reduce erosion damage on the roads as well as complete their roadwork projects planned for summer. This includes paving and culvert repairs.

"We have had some delays with the weather," said Sheldon Morgan, director of Public Works, to the selectmen recently, "but we have gotten caught up very well and we are hoping there won't be any more delays."

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