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Inter-Lakes school board re-votes on appointment issue

July 01, 2009
CENTER HARBOR — The Inter-Lakes School Board has temporarily reaffirmed the appointment of Center Harbor representative Rebecca Alosa, amidst legal proceedings between the district and Center Harbor.

Inter-Lakes School Board Chair Jack Carty said this is the final time the School Board will make any serious decisions on the matter, until the board goes before the Laconia District Court. The Center Harbor Board of Selectmen recently sued the Inter-Lakes School Board for their prior actions in electing a new representative to replace Center Harbor board member, Anthony Candage. Alosa, the new representative, said she could possibly lose her position as a member of the Inter-Lakes School Board after the appointment issue is taken on by the courts. For now, the School Board has continued on with board member Richard Hanson's proposed motion from last meeting.

Board member Howard Cunningham was the first to rekindle Hanson's proposed motions from the previous meeting in June. Hanson's motions were to "affirm" Alosa's appointment, as a result of a coin toss between Alosa and former prospective Center Harbor representative, Diane Drenkhahn.

"I move that in light of the impending lawsuit that we vote again," said Howard Cunningham last week.

All board members were in favor of Howard Cunningham's motion except for Carty.

"I don't think it's a great idea," he said.

The board carried on and approved the motion. Carty explained that the board would require four votes to pass this motion, while Carty and Alosa abstained from voting.

The motion carried with five votes and Alosa was quickly re-welcomed to the school board. Carty made it clear last meeting that Alosa will continue on with the board until told otherwise by the courts who have requested a "declaratory decision."

"We will put this to bed until July 8 with the lawsuit in Center Harbor," stated Carty.

Although the appointment issue has been settled for now, parents and particular School Board members still have issues with the financial aspect of the lawsuit filed by Center Harbor, who has filed a request for Inter-Lakes to pay off Center Harbor's attorney fees.

Cunningham presented a letter addressed to his fellow board, administrators, and the public. Cunningham explained his letter was not a request from the board as a whole, but one from himself.

"(This is a) direct request from me as a Board Representative from the Town of Sandwich. Dhould the Select Board of Center Harbor not prevail in this action," Cunningham read, "it (would) reimburse the Town of Sandwich directly its proportional share of the legal cost."

One parent was also concerned with the amount of money going into the lawsuit.

"As a parent, it's hard to see us spend this amount of money. Has anyone thought to involve us?" asked the parent, who wished to remain anonymous at the June 24 public hearing. "I charge this board to get it together, work it out and pay money back to the school…I pay my tax money, there has got to be a solution."

Carty reassured parents that the School Board would rather not be stuck in such a situation either, but that matters were now in the hands of the court.

Martin Lord Osman
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