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Verdict expected this week in Suprenard case

June 25, 2009
OSSIPEE — A verdict is imminent in the case of former Freedom Police Department Sgt. Frank Suprenard, who was arrested last October and charged with tampering with public records and two counts of theft by deception for allegedly falsifying overtime hours and reports for grant-funded DWI and speed enforcement patrols.

Strafford County Judge Daniel Cappiello presided over Suprenard's trial at Southern Carroll County District Court in Ossipee on Wednesday, June 17, and is now reviewing the case file—which includes timesheets, reports and Carroll County dispatch logs—before likely declaring a verdict this week. If convicted, the 43-year-old law enforcement veteran faces up to a year in jail and $2,000 in fines for each of the three Class A misdemeanor charges.

Among those who testified last week were Suprenard's former Freedom Police Department co-workers, Officer Pete Tourigny and Chief Josh Shackford. The pair uncovered discrepancies between Suprenard's timesheets and dispatch logs in early August 2008.

Tourigny stated in an affidavit that he became suspicious when Suprenard added three overtime hours to his timesheet for a DWI patrol that he had called off the night before because of inclement weather. With Shackford's permission, Tourigny whited out the patrol from Suprenard's timesheet.

But a few days later, Tourigny claimed the hours had reappeared over the whited-out area. According to the affidavit, Shackford then referred to county dispatch logs to find that Suprenard had signed off duty only 13 minutes into the nighttime DWI detail.

The total cost to taxpayers of the overtime in question is $711.

In addition to the allegedly fraudulent overtime, the charges claim that Suprenard misrepresented his workday activity to meet grant requirements. Court documents cite Suprenard's Overtime Selective Traffic Enforcement Program Report from Aug. 2, which "indicated that he had given five warnings to adults for speeding, one summons for speeding, and one youth summons for 'Other Motor Vehicle Violations.'" However, Freedom Police Department records showed that he had only issued one summons that day, at 11:40 a.m. for speed.

In his roughly 20-year career, Suprenard also worked for departments in Tamworth and Bartlett. In the latter, he worked under disgraced former Police Chief Bob Snow, who pled guilty to charges of theft by deception and theft by unauthorized taking in 2003 for embezzling more than $30,000 from the Town of Bartlett and its DARE fund over nine years.

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