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GHS Humanitarian group sends aid to Zimbabwe

The GHS Humanitarian group with Dangwa Iniative founder and president Teresa Dangwa. From left, Stefan Gorham, Ian Carlisle, Alice Evankow, Lisa Morais, Sarah Tremblay, Valerie King, Danika Gorham, Mallory Coulombe, Chelsea Levesque, Jena Tremblay, Katy Fuller and Teresa Dangwa. (Photo by Lucie Kinney) (click for larger version)
June 24, 2009
GORHAM — The Gorham High School Humanitarian Group sent a U-Haul full of books, clothing, personal supplies and more to Zimbabwe last week, part of a partnership with the Dangwa Initiative. The items will be shipped to Zimbabwe to help children orphaned by AIDS. The supplies will go to five secondary schools and seven elementary schools.

Humanitarian group president Sarah Tremblay said it's important that people in the United States realize how fortunate they are to have educational opportunities. The group looks at this partnership as a way to give to those born into less ideal conditions.

"Education shouldn't be regarded as a privilege, it should be a right," she said in an email. "Children in these 12 schools deserve to have proper schooling just like everyone else. Every child in the world has the right to be educated."

The group got connected with the Dungwa Initiative last year. They had collected boxes of textbooks for donation, but they didn't have anyone to give them to. While they were attending the Northeast Regional Amnesty International Conference at Boston University one of the speakers suggested they contact Theresa Dangwa, founder of the Dangwa Initiative.

When the group contacted Ms. Dangwa she said she was happy to accept the books. She had a shipping container slated to go to Zimbabwe soon, she said, but it wasn't very full.

"So the Humanitarian Group rallied together and contacted parents, staff, faculty, community members, and community businesses in an effort to collect as much as we possibly could," Ms. Tremblay said.

They received donations from Gorham Middle High School, Ed Fenn Elementary School, Milan Elementary School, Berlin Junior High School, Errol Elementary School, Morin Shoe Store, Gorham Congregational Church, Berlin Public Library, Gorham Public Library, and numerous parents and community members.

They collected textbooks, books, clothes, sporting materials like jerseys and soccer balls, toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, school supplies and more. In all, they had enough to pack a U-Haul trailer.

Then on Saturday, June 13, Teresa Dangwa came to Gorham to talk to the Humanitarian group about the situation in Africa. She spoke about AIDS, poverty and what U.S. citizens can do to help. She also collected the trailer of goods to go to Zimbabwe. The group had collected so much it took them more than two hours to pack.

The container should be headed to Zimbabwe shortly, with the GHS supplies on board.

To learn more about the Dangwa Iniative visit their website at www.dangwa.org.

Martin Lord Osman
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