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New Jackson Public Library-Trickey Barn Project is under way

Groundbreaking celebrated with surprise announcement of $200,000 donation

Many celebrants were present at the June 8 ground breaking for the new Jackson Public Library-Trickey Barn Project. Steven Caming. (click for larger version)
June 11, 2009
Thanks to the generosity of the local community and a recent anonymous gift of $200,000, the project is on or ahead of schedule. Monday's [June 8] ground breaking ceremony marked the beginning of construction.

Representatives of the library, the Jackson selectmen, Friends of the Library and the Jackson Historical Society gathered in front of the Trickey Barn cupola for the long anticipated moment of groundbreaking. The cupola will return to its place on the rooftop when the barn frame and exterior are erected later this summer and fall. The new library will be located on the former Gray's Inn property near the jackson Town Offices.

"We're all so excited that we have a guaranteed "go ahead" for the project this year. Of course, we would never have gotten this far without the wonderful way the community has responded, with financial and in-kind support. This puts us well past the halfway mark towards our ultimate fundraising goal and means the barn is going up," explained Allen Brooks, chairman of the Library Trustees.

For more information about the new Jackson Public Library-Trickey Barn project, call 383-9466.

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