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School district holds public hearing on new Kingswood building

May 28, 2009
WOLFEBORO – Al Corzilius and Chip Krause from CMK Architects gave a PowerPoint presentation of the proposed plans for Kingswood's new multi-purpose building last Thursday evening, May 21. The public hearing, held by the Governor Wentworth Regional School District Building and Maintenance Committee, was an effort to introduce the new structure to those present and hear comments and answer questions regarding its many attributes.

From the outside, as Wolfeboro resident Doug Cady noted, the proposed building looks different than anything Wolfeboro currently has to offer. A combination of glass and brick, the façade of the building will stand prominent to the east of McManus Road. The "barrel shaped" roof, common on buildings housing large open rooms, stands true to the building's purpose. With minimal metal paneling used on the roof covering the upper stage, the building's exterior looks dramatically different from existing school buildings. No longer will Kingswood be known for its green plastic walls.

Even more exciting is what the building has to offer on the inside. In addition to a 900-seat auditorium with stage, the building houses separate band and choral rooms, several art rooms, a green room, plenty of storage, an art projects workshop, theatre classroom, musical practice rooms, a spacious lobby and more. The rear of the building is also equipped with two separate locker rooms and public restrooms which can be accessed from a separate entrance. This will enable sports teams and their fans the ability to use showers, changing rooms and bathrooms without having to unlock the entire facility.

The building's roof is not only designed to reduce the need for artificial illumination, it will also help to save money and energy as well. The barrel over low-pitched layout will offer internal drains to collect runoff and rain water for a greywater diversion system that will provide water for flushing and irrigation for the athletic fields at no cost.

With the difficulties the school has experienced in the past with the current roof, Cady commented that the "flat" roof was an upset and most likely a "problem waiting to happen 10 years down the road," adding that he was disappointed in the overall appearance of the building. Corzilius responded by pointing out that using the roof to collect the runoff water avoids the necessity of a civil engineer to resolve the issue of large quantities of runoff from site. As for the roof appearance, he said that he thought it was attractive. He also noted that the roof, built to code, can withstand 70 pounds of snow per square foot so that there will be no need to clear the roofs in the winter months.

Others in the audience questioned details such as ceiling height, outlet placement, ventilation and materials, to which the architects answered that they hadn't specified such things as they are still in the preliminary stages of planning. They made note of some suggestions and replied that they would look into reasonable solutions.

Now that the Building Committee and architects have heard from the public as well as teachers and staff, they can move forward with greater detail. They hope to complete planning for Phase One of the project – everything east of McManus Road (multi-purpose building and athletic fields – and have it out to bid next September, aiming for completion by September 2010.

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