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Burns murder investigation continues

BURNS FAMILY MEMBERS gathered the many floral bouquets from across the street and placed them around this sign at 146 North Main St. this week. (Elissa Paquette photo) (click for larger version)
May 21, 2009
WOLFEBORO — The murder of Stacey A. Burns on Mother's Day, May 10, remains unresolved, leaving many in her hometown of Wolfeboro uneasy, especially her North Main Street neighbors. The yellow crime scene tape may be gone, but the events of that morning are still reverberating throughout the community as talk turns continually to who might have committed such a violent act against the well-known and beloved school nurse and mother of five.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin has said that "nothing we've heard from the case to date indicates that there is any specific threat to the community as a result of this incident." According to Strelzin, "Statistics in New Hampshire show that there are very few random murders. In New Hampshire, the victim is more likely to know the killer."

Six members of the New Hampshire State Police's Major Crime Unit and three state police forensic lab technicians have been working extensively on the case at the Wolfeboro Police station under Strelzin's leadership, and members of the department have been assisting as needed.

Their approach, according to Strelzin, is two-tiered. One is to conduct interviews of people who knew Burns and had contact with her in the time preceding her murder. At least 50 interviews have been completed so far, with some having been interviewed more than once.

The other is to search and collect physical evidence from the crime scene.

Blue-suited officers could be seen exploring the grounds and going in and out of the house by passersby as they worked steadily from Sunday through Friday at the site.

The house has now been returned to the family, who have collected the many floral bouquets respectfully laid along the ground across the street by mourners and grouped them together with a sign declaring, "Thank you, Wolfeboro."

The children have been in the custody of Ed Burns, their estranged father, since the day of the murder. His lawyer, Stephen A. White, speaking on Burns' behalf, said, "The family has always been his focus. The children are extremely important to him."

Any one with information relating to the case is encouraged to call the State Police Major Crime Unit at 271-2663.

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