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FPC survey headed out to Gilford mailboxes

May 20, 2009
Ever since the warrant article for a new police station was voted down this year, the Facility Planning Committee has been wondering why.

"It appears to me that the board (of selectmen) said that they want us to stay together," said Jim Mull, chairman of the FPC. "We want to find out where the probability lies in getting the project through. We did get a majority, just not the (3/5 majority) we needed."

Mull said that the committee had been prepared to move forward as soon as the bill passed if need be so that the construction could begin immediately. The project has been in the planning stages off and on for seven years before the most recent warrant article was put on the ballot.

"We tried to cover everything and get a draft where we could get some good data," said Mull. "What we need is data."

The FPC has distributed press releases about different aspects of the project, including insulation and geothermal topics. Drawn plans of the addition were available for study by residents and officials. Photo renderings of the back of the town hall, which undergo significant changes, were also included. FPC member John O'Brien presented a Power Point slide show about the project to the Board of Selectmen, Budget Committee and at the Gilford deliberative session.

The Board of Selectmen has now approved the draft of a survey submitted by the FPC about the police project, which asks residents why they did or did not vote for it. The survey is anonymous, and Mull said he thought they were intending to send them out to a group of people with stamped envelopes to send them back.

"In your opinion," asks the survey, "should the town modify the police station expansion and present it to voters again?"

The draft of the survey consists of six questions and allows for general comments from the residents on the back. Mull said they don't want to move forward until they get the results and learn what they can from them. After the survey the FPC will analyze the results and then plan their course of action.

"We wanted to make the survey as simple and straightforward as possible," said Mull. "That way it won't take much time, and hopefully people will send it back."

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