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Grab your 15 minutes of fame at Wildquack Duck Race, May 24

Duck Stage open for performers of any description

May 07, 2009
At the Wildquack Duck Race Sunday, May 24, in Jackson, the Duck Stage will be open to talented visitors who want to try to get their "15 Minutes of Fame."

Put your money where your talent is! An entry fee of $15 could buy you "15 Minutes of Fame" at this year's 20th Wildquack Duck River Festival and Duck Race. The winner will walk away with a prize package valued at over $500 and they will be reimbursed their $15. The object is to last 15 minutes on the Duck Stage performing your talent. The audience will be the judges.

Equipped with duck whistles the hundreds of viewers may quack you right off stage within the first few minutes of your performance. If there is more than one person fortunate enough to make their "15 Minutes of Fame" mark, then the decision will be made by the audience.

Participants should expect an audience upwards of 500 people. This event has had over 3,000 attendees and with this year being the 20th anniversary celebration organizers are expecting to exceed their biggest numbers. So take advantage of having so many people dedicated to listening to you, watching you or merely laughing with you. Come show just how talented you are; you never know who will be in the audience.

We invite those who think they are funny to entertain us as a stand up comic; those who can sing...sing to us; those who can dance, dance for us; those who can do magic tricks, amaze us. No talent is too silly or too anything.

Curtain time is 11 a.m., and the show will continue until 1 p.m. Reserve your spot today by calling the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce at 383-9356 or 800-866-3334 or e-mail info@jacksonnh.com. For complete details visit www.JacksonNH.com.

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