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Art In the Meadows features painted wooden bowls

Christine “Chris” Davis holds one of her favorite one-of-a-kind wooden bowls that is for sale through her business, Art In the Meadows of Jefferson. She is one of a number of local artists and crafters who on June weekends will be demonstrating their works in progress as part of the Lupine Festival near Harman’s Cheese and Country Store in Sugar Hill. (Photo by Edith Tucker) (click for larger version)
May 06, 2009
JEFFERSON — Christine "Chris" Davis has turned her artistic talents into a part-time business.

"I started painting handmade wooden bowls because the challenge of their concave shape is exciting," she points out on a single-page flyer that she has on hand to promote Art In the Meadows.

Ms. Davis has been married to Dean Davis of Jefferson nearly two years and is living in the Meadows Road homestead of the late Isabelle and Harold Davis.

"We were dear friends for over 10 years, and now I'm married to my best friend," she said happily.

The couple spent much of this past winter living in Lunenburg with her parents, Harriet and George Whitehead. Her mother, now 85, has been very successful painting china for the last 30 years. Painting one-of-a-kind original bowls with country and mountain scenes, as well as animals such as bear and deer, taps into the same desire on which her mother has capitalized — turning attractive household items into saleable decorative art.

"I've painted walls; I've painted children's rooms; I've painted cloth, and I've even painted a steel door," Ms. Davis said.

She paints her beautiful bowls with acrylic paints and finishes them with a nontoxic product made from whey. The bowls can hold popcorn but cannot be used for salads or as regular serving dishes, she said.

Ms. Davis buys her bowls at the Bowl Mill in Granville, Vt. She also paints barrels and other handmade wooden items.

She is willing to take special orders for custom work, based on photographs of favorite views, pets, or homes.

A member of N. H. Made, Ms. Davis' has a page on its website (www.nhmade.com) and has also taken advantage of some of their business-oriented workshops.

She will be in Sugar Hill where she plans not only to sell her wares but also to demonstrate her painting skills as part of the Lupine Festival on both June 6 and June 13. Brenda Aldrich of the family-owned Harmon's Cheese & Country Store has been very supportive of local artisans and crafters, Ms. Davis explained.

Other local artisans who will be demonstrating their skills include Lance Roberts of Lunenburg, Vt. (hand-carved wooden bowls), Annie B's of Groveton (decorative arts), Robert Paradis of Big Bear Rustics of Stark (hand-carved folk art and rustic furniture), C. Asheley Kapelewski of Guildhall, Vt. (watercolors), Linda Lomasney of Bloomfield, Vt. (basket weaving), and Lynne Geller of Gilman, Vt. (stained glass).

Ms. Davis' painted bowls are also listed on other Internet sites.

In the warm weather months, Chris and Dean are most apt to be outside tending their extensive vegetable and perennial flower gardens. Ms. Davis works full-time at the Littleton Coin Company and an additional few hours a week at Cherry Pond Designs.

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