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Belmont residents receive Community Heritage Awards

December 02, 2021
BELMONT — Since 2011 individuals, businesses and organizations have been recognized by the Belmont Heritage Commission and the Board of Selectmen for contributing to the heritage of the town.

At the Nov. 17 selectmen's meeting Alvin Nix, Jr. was presented the Regional Leadership and Outstanding Service to Town Meeting Tradition Award. Heritage Commission Chairman Vicki Donovan stated that Mr. Nix is one of those unsung heroes who gives a quality to our town of dignity, calmness and respect. As the Town Moderator, Nix has already given Belmont 14 years of service, and many look forward to continued years ahead with his skill of making meetings run smoothly and effortlessly. The award solidifies all that Mr. Nix has accomplished even after years of many changes. The role of moderator also includes being an election official as Mr. Nix also helps to foresee the integrity of votes during election time which certainly adds to his credibility and assurance that Belmont is in good hands.

The selectmen stated amicably that they look forward to many more years with Nix at the helm. Donovan ended the presentation highlighting that everyone can attest to his easy going nature, sense of humor and the great admiration the townspeople have for him. After receiving the award Mr. Nix graciously thanked the board and commission and said how truly humbled he was to receive a Community Heritage Award.

The Commission and Board also applauded the efforts of a team of volunteers uniquely named the Save Our Gale School Committee. They accomplished a feat worthy of the Preservation of Town History and Heritage Award. Members of the Heritage Commission, Ben Rolfe, Jack Donovan and Vicki Donovan met with a diverse number of volunteers at the Gale School to present their awards. Jack Donovan stated that even though preservation is written on the award, patience, persistence, productive, and problem solving could also have been added. The Save Our Gale School committee did what many in the town deemed impossible. The presentations began after Donovan reminded everyone that no one will ever forget when the Gale School rolled delicately down a cut path, across Concord Street and then gently was lowered onto its new spot. Awards were made out to the catalysts of the Save Our Gale School committee, which consisted of Woody Fogg, Gary Gilbert, Ken Knowlton, Robert and Lisa Lord, Diane Marden, Mark Padula, Brenda Paquette, and Earl Sweeney. Additionally honored were Jim and Rick Geddis of Geddis Building Movers, Mark, Matt, and Jeff Roberts, Joe and Amie Harbut, and Kerry and Linda Clairmont and once again the Lord's who also played huge and important roles in the great task of saving the Gale School. Carmen Lorentz and Sal Steven - Hubbard from Lakes Region Community Developers rounded out the group for their part in the next step in the transformation of the building to benefit the Town of Belmont. The group that gathered for the presentation of the awards applauded Lorentz and Steven-Hubbard for becoming part of the project because the building would never have been moved if it weren't for the involvement of the Lakes Region Community Developers.

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